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By Ian Doescher

Sign up for us, strong gentles, for a merry reimagining of Star Wars: Episode 1 as purely Shakespeare can have written it. the whole saga starts off the following, with an exhilarating story that includes a disguised queen, a tender hero, and fearless knights dealing with a hidden, vengeful enemy.

’Tis a real Shakespearean drama, packed with sword fights, soliloquies, and doomed romance . . . all in excellent iambic pentameter and paired with twenty stunning Elizabethan illustrations. carry directly to your midi-chlorians: The play’s the object, in which you’ll seize the increase of Anakin!

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ANAKIN —It flies of its personal will. carry regular, R2—fly we into house! [Anakin flies apart. input RIC OLIÉ and PILOTS apart, in area, with FEDERATION opponents opposing them. RIC be careful all, ’tis combatants directly forward. BRAVO 2 Forsooth, strong Bravo chief. BRAVO three —Aye, certainly! R2-D2 Beep, squeak, beep, whistle, meep! ANAKIN —Behold, R2, Our comrades there do struggle the errant foe. The autopilot takes us there e’en now. even if through this computing device i'm drawn forth, It echoes my hope in addition, as if ’Twere I who had programm’d this fast send. Away to heav’n, respective lenity, And fire-ey’d fury be my behavior now. allow us to away, and thither sign up for the fray! RIC The defend deflector’s a lot too robust for us! ANAKIN This scuffling with is extreme past all cause. I prithee, R2, do thine specialist paintings And from this autopilot provide unlock sooner than we either are cruelly kill’d herein! R2-D2 Beep, whistle! ANAKIN —Clever droid, R2—hast performed! allow us to unto the portside deviate. R2-D2 [aside:] This boy, methinks, hath nonetheless a way wild— Mayhap he thinks it is a podrace box. [To Anakin:] Meep, squeak? ANAKIN —Return? Why no, it shall now not be. The grasp Qui-Gon order’d me direct to stick in the cockpit of this send. I shall satisfy his mandate to the be aware— The letter of the legislation is therefore fulfill’d, E’en if, in doing so, the spirit’s snubb’d. R2-D2 Meep, woo, beep, whistle, squeak, beep, whistle, nee! ANAKIN ’Tis undeniable we're in difficulty. Pray, carry quick! This conflict is my first, should be my final! [Exeunt. SCENE 2. on the earth Naboo. input JAR JAR BINKS, CAPTAIN TARPALS, and different GUNGANS combating conflict DROIDS, degree left. JAR JAR [aside:] so far the conflict isn't really ours or theirs. Their tanks couldn't pull down our amazing defend, but now have they made breach with numerous droids. I ne’er imagin’d this sort of sizeable strength As that the Federation did liberate. ’Twas hundred, nay ’twas hundreds of thousands of the droids, All lin’d up rank on rank to paintings us woe. ’Twas greater than lets bear—thus we retreat. We flee, yet nonetheless the idiot hath artful tips. A conflict droid lies damaged at the floor, but blaster shall now not come unfastened from its grab. hence, leap upon it now, and set off hearth, Destroying different droids which are close by! This idiot isn't really so foul opposed to a foe. seize tightly, fingers, round the catapult, freeing the entire power’d spheres inside of. even though they're intended to fly into the air, They do in addition a’rolling at the flooring And extraordinary our grim enemies mid-spin. Now for the ultimate act, the fool’s finale utilize this small sphere, a boomer, aye, And strike this droid and his mammoth conflict tank. The droid hath been defeated, yet alack— we're surrounded by way of one thousand extra. TARPALS No gibben up now, basic Jar Jar, For meesa tink of whatever. DROID 1 —Hands aloft! JAR JAR o, meesa do quit quickee! [Jar Jar Binks, Captain Tarpals, and different Gungans freeze as they're surrounded by means of conflict droids. input PADMÉ, CAPTAIN PANAKA, and NABOO infantrymen, level middle, battling with conflict DROIDS.

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