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By J. E. Lousley

Wild vegetation of Chalk and Limestone will urge many to stick to within the author's footsteps looking for the wealthy plant life which make our chalk downs and limestone cliffs so interesting to discover. This variation is unique to

Few parts can boast such a lot of infrequent and lovely wild plants as these of the chalk and limestone. Few parts, too, have loads stunning surroundings within which to look them out. Mr. Lousley's bright and authoritative presentation of his topic indicates that he has made complete use of those possibilities. His specified affection is for the woods and chalk downs of south-eastern England, of which he has an information virtually unsurpassed.

Nevertheless, during this e-book he has additionally given us an admirable survey of all of the very important limestone areas within the kingdom from the Devonian formation at Berry Head to the oolite of the Cotswolds and the good carboniferous stretches of the north. This booklet will urge many to stick to within the author's footsteps looking for the wealthy flowers which make our chalk downs and limestone cliffs so attention-grabbing to discover.

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