Download E-books Tyrannosaurus Lex: The Marvelous Book of Palindromes, Anagrams, and Other Delightful and Outrageous Wordplay PDF

Welcome to the bizarre and lovely global of phrases!

Tyrannosaurus Lex is your consultant to the fascinating international of logology—the pursuit of observe puzzles or confusing words—featuring:
•A wealth of witty anagrams, palindromes, and puns
•Clever paraprosdokians: sentences with impressive endings (“I’ve had a wonderfully brilliant night, yet this wasn’t it.”—Groucho Marx)
•Fascinating oronyms: a couple of words that range in that means and spelling, but proportion an identical pronunciation (“The stuffy nostril may end up in difficulties” as opposed to “The stuff he is aware can result in problems.”)
•Peculiar oxymora: phrases or words which are self-contradictory (Jumbo shrimp! visitor host! Gold silverware!)

So relax and prepare to profit approximately every thing from antigrams and aptanagrams to kangaroo phrases and phantonyms. You’ll by no means examine language an identical back!

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Funds field: simply because funds (from Italian cassa or French casse) initially intended “money box,” money field is etymologically redundant. hailstone: simply because hail is derived from the Greek for “pebble” or “stone,” hailstone is etymologically redundant. head chef: simply because chef comes from the French notice for “head” (also used to intend “head cook”), head chef is etymologically redundant. head of cabbage: simply because cabbage ability “head” (derived from the Latin caput through the previous French caboche), head of cabbage is etymologically redundant. unforeseen emergency unforeseen shock dangerous disease collage university pupil pointless redundancies unsolved secret UPC code (universal product code code) dead and pointless ordinary customized vacillating from side to side VIN quantity (vehicle id quantity quantity) wall mural staring at and looking at water hydrant widow lady widower guy with au jus wordy and verbose around the globe pandemic illness bankruptcy 23 I’m now not Averse to utilizing a Verse: Charades Charades are phrases that comprise units of phrases inside them by way of respacing yet no longer rearranging letters. The divisions among the shorter phrases don't need to fit the department among the syllables. certainly, charades may be attention-grabbing while the shorter phrases don't fit syllables, as in pigeon (pig + eon), or in outreached (outré + ached). Charades seemed in English puzzles within the 1740s, even though the identify itself didn’t look till the 1770s. abeam = a + beam; a + be + am throughout = a + move adage = advert + age alien = a + lien alienation = a + lie + state alkaline = Al + Kaline (baseball participant) amiable = am + I + capable amok = am + okay anatomy = an + a + to + my artichoke = paintings + I + choke atone = at + one SEX-CHANGE CHARADES A intercourse switch charade is a two-word word or sentence made of a unmarried note starting with the prefix ex-. The letter s is further instantly earlier than the ex- and to the finishing of the unique observe, after which the note is separated into intercourse plus a moment note. precise = intercourse acts exasperate = intercourse asperates alternate = intercourse adjustments exclaim = intercourse claims excogitate = intercourse cogitates excommunicate = intercourse communicates disclose = intercourse poses expulse = intercourse pulses atrophy = a + trophy attendance = at + ten + dance averse = a + verse keep away from = a + void banana = ban + an + a barflies = barf + lies barmaid = barm + reduction barrage = bar + rage beam = be + am bean = be + an beanstalk = beans + speak beat = be + at beauties = beau + ties bewilder = be + wilder brokerage = broke + rage button = butt + on; yet + ton means = cap + a + urban caravan = vehicle + a + van Connecticut = attach + I + reduce daredevil = dared + evil detergent = deter + gent diplomatically = diplomatic + best friend discovery = disco + very earshot = ears + sizzling new release = gene + ration dealt with = hand + led warmth = he + at Hebrew = he + brew background = hello + tale identification = identity + entity; identity + entity inactivity = in + motion start up = in + it + I + ate irate = I + expense Isabelle = is + a + belle island = is + land manslaughter = man’s + laughter martinis = Martin + is suggest = me + an intended = me + ant meat = me + at lying = mend + a + urban mendicant = mend + I + can’t; mend + I + cant molestation = mole + station molesting = mole + sting mustache = needs to + soreness New Zealand = new + zeal + and impressive = no + desk; no longer + capable CHARADES’ LEAPFROGGING COUSINS: BOOKEND phrases A bookend observe includes shorter phrases, one shaped via consecutive letters in the unique note and the opposite shaped via the remainder letters.

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