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By Peter E. Meltzer

With over twenty percentage extra fabric, a needs to for any lover of certain words.

This interesting and informative reference beneficial properties subtle and magnificent choices to universal phrases including no-fail courses to utilization. averting conventional thesauruses’ mundane synonym offerings, Peter E. Meltzer places each one word―whether it’s protrepic, apostrophize, iracund, or emulous―in context through the use of examples from a extensive diversity of latest books, periodicals, and newspapers. His new advent makes the case for why we must always widen our vocabulary and use the single correct note. This groundbreaking word list continues to be a special enterprise, one who enriches your writing whereas supporting you discover the appropriate note.

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My iteration has plenty of excuses for our execrable parenting. [For instance] the economic system has compelled most girls into the office. (Dowling, Milwaukee magazine Sentinel, mom and dad Can’t Duck Blame for Morally deserted young ones, 03-11-96, p. three. ) abortion n. : feticide. ▮ [T]he equal-protection clause of the 14th modification would appear to require states to increase felony safety to the unborn. [In Roe v. Wade, Justice Harry] Blackmun, even though, counting on grossly erroneous felony heritage ... concluded that the due-process clause of [the 14th] modification forbids states from supplying any significant safeguard opposed to planned feticide. (Author no longer given, Harry Blackmun, R. I. P. , nationwide assessment, 04-05-1999. ) abound v. i. : pullulate. SEE TEEM approximately (as in referring to or relating to) prep. : anent. SEE concerning about-face (as in reversal of coverage or place) n. : volte-face [French]. ▮ greater than 350 years have handed because Galileo used to be condemned via the Roman Catholic Church for the proper, if impolitic, statement that the earth revolved round the sunlight. Now the church has solemnized its belated volte-face at the celestial dispute via mailing an apology [i. e. issuing new stamps commemorating Galileo]. (Author now not given, Chronicles: greater than 350 Years Have handed considering Galileo was once Condemned, Time overseas, 06- 13-1994, p. thirteen. ) (2) about-face (as in abandonment of one’s faith, ideas or explanations) n. : apostasy. SEE ABANDONMENT (3) about-face (esp. concerning one’s ideals, reasons or rules) n. : bouleversement [French]. SEE switch OF brain (4) about-face (regarding one’s trust, reason or coverage) n. : tergiversation (v. i. : tergiversate). SEE switch OF brain above (lying ... ) adj. : superjacent. SEE OVERLYING abridged (something ... ) n. : bobtail. ▮ Senator Trent Lott, the bulk chief, stated that it'd be “a monstrous mistake” for the Senate to vote to push aside the [impeachment] fees Monday. The Mississippi Republican stated it might be a “bobtail motion of a constitutional approach. ” (Brian Knowlton, Trial of Clinton Turns sour: Democrats ‘Appalled’ at surprising Summons of Lewinsky, overseas usher in Tribune, 01-25-1999. ) abscond (as in depart hurriedly or secretly) v. t. : absquatulate. SEE go away absent (anything larger) adv. : faute de mieux [French]. SEE missing absent-minded (as in distracted, esp. as a result of concerns or fears) adj. : distrait. SEE DISTRACTED (2) absent-minded (person, as in an impractical contemplative individual without transparent career or source of revenue) n. : luftmensch [lit. “man of air”; German, Yiddish]. SEE DREAMER absolute (esp. whilst used with “nonsense”) adj. : arrant. SEE overall (2) absolute (as in inviolable) adj. : infrangible. SEE INVIOLABLE (3) absolute (as in entire or limitless, esp. as in ... energy) adj. : plenary. SEE entire absolution (as in position or get together of humiliation and looking ... ) n. : Canossa. SEE PENANCE summary (as in intangible) adj. : incorporeal. ▮ because the passage of time gets rid of from the scene an increasing number of of the accused wrongdoers, and progressively more in their attainable sufferers, it makes much less and not more ethical or fiscal feel — and finally no experience in any respect — for the legislations to designated financial redress from incorporeal associations comparable to organizations or governments.

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