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By Peter F. Hamilton

In the past, the astrophysicist Inigo begun dreaming scenes from the lifetime of the notable Edeard, who lived in the Void, a self-contained microuniverse on the middle of the galaxy. Inigo’s inspirational desires, shared by means of enormous quantities of thousands in the course of the galaxy, gave beginning to a faith: dwelling Dream. but if the looks of a moment Dreamer turns out to set off the growth of the Void—which is devouring every little thing in its path—the Intersolar Commonwealth is thrown into turmoil.

With time operating out, the destiny of humanity hinges on a handful of individuals: Araminta, now awakening to the unwelcome undeniable fact that she is the mysterious moment Dreamer; Inigo, whose deepest goals trace at a darker fact; and Justine, whose determined gamble areas her in the Void, the place the godlike Skylords carry the ability to save lots of the universe . . . or spoil it.

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