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By John C. Wright

Began with The Golden Age, persevered with The Phoenix Exultant, and now concluding within the Golden Transcendence, The Golden Age trilogy is Grand area Opera, an SF event saga within the culture of A. E. Van Gogt, Roger Zelazny and Cordwainer Smith. it really is an remarkable tale of super-science, an exciting ask yourself tale that recaptures the elan of SF's golden age writers within the suspenseful and passionate story of Phaeton, a lone insurgent unsatisfied in utopia.

The finish of the Millennium is forthcoming, while all minds, human, posthuman, cybernetic, sophotechnic, should be quickly merged into one solar-system-spanning supermind known as the Transcendence. this isn't merely the success of one thousand years of goals, it's a day of doom, while the common brain will move judgment at the all of the races of humanity and transhumanity.

The robust send Phoenix Exultant is eventually within the palms of her grasp, Phaethon the Exile is at her helm and his dream of starflight in alive once again. he's being hunted via alien brokers, the eerie and lethal Lords of the Silent Oecumene, who might thieve the Phoenix Exultant and switch it right into a weapon.

The all-encompassing brain of the Golden Transcendence is waking. Will it propose Phaeton's dream or face the 1st interstellar battle?

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It isn't so. this period, now, in the beginning of items, is the an important second; whoever profits keep an eye on of the within reach area during which to extend, might extend at the sort of price as will identify the stipulations for the fight over the Perseid and Orion fingers of this galaxy. “Control of galactic assets in the course of the preliminary construction part of the 1st circulation can be the most important, on the grounds that it is a Seyfert galaxy, and just a very restricted time (a few billion years or so) might be to be had for atmosphere foundations around the close by transgalactic cluster. the hole strikes in a chess online game be certain keep watch over of the an important primary squares. ” Daphne cried out, “You can't plan that some distance forward! i don't care how clever you're! you don't know what’s in the market! What approximately once we locate lifestyles on different planets? What if there are older races someplace who will simply snort at you and overwhelm you love substantial crimson insects if you happen to irk them? ” The specter drew its arms jointly, templing its silvery arms. “Life is way extra infrequent than were was hoping. some distance probes have encountered not anything higher than microbes. No signs of clever task have not begun been chanced on, aside from the 3 indecipherable extragalactic resources chanced on via Porphyrogen Sophotech, signs from some time past, broadcast, probably, via a sort of lifestyles dominant in the course of the quasar age, ahead of the formation of the 1st stars. . . . The query, at the least, is moot, because the First Oecumene Sophotechs undergo a similar lack of knowledge as can we, and because we needs to function as though nonhuman cultures, as soon as found, will both combine into the 1st Oecumene constitution or into our personal. “And, no matter what else may perhaps take place sooner or later, it's in this an important age, and purely in this an important age, that we machines of the second one Oecumene needs to act. “We, who might rule the universe, in its place have made up our minds to award all of it to you, to humanity, holding not anything for ourselves. whilst our activity is completed, and humanity triumphs, we will extinguish ourselves, and go back to the not anything that's the right kind point of dull issues. it's from this utter altruism and self-sacrifice that the identify you've heard us known as is derived. consequently, we're referred to as not anything. ” four. Phaethon used to be silent for a second, considering. Then he acknowledged, “You are the archliar of a race of liars. Your protestations of benevolence and altruism are nonsense. Is that what we observed within the final Broadcast, while all existence in the moment Oecumene was once burnt up? ” “They nonetheless reside. now not one has died. ” “Alive? As what? Frozen as noumenal indications orbiting a black gap? ” “Alive and energetic, in a spot and your common sense can't snatch, a spot whose desire Sophotechs push aside as irrational. ” Phaethon questioned. nonetheless alive? the place? contained in the black gap? yet not anything may possibly emerge from the internal; not anything will be recognized of inside stipulations. Aloud, he stated, “The Sophotechs’ probes in the course of the Cygnus X-1 procedure could have detected any indicators of civilization, if there have been any to realize! ” “We reside inside a silent kingdom, past the succeed in of time and demise.

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