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By Angie Sage

Fanatics of Angie Sage's long island instances bestselling delusion sequence, Septimus Heap, could be overjoyed with this electronic unique addition to the sequence: The Darke Toad, a 96-page novella full of motion, humor, and magic that might have any baby or fan of such delusion books as Fablehaven or Harry Potter guffawing and soliciting for more!

DomDaniel returns in a hilarious escapade with the witches of the Port Witch Coven. during this story that happens among the tales informed in Magyk and Flyte, the witches wish DomDaniel's robust Darke Toad--and will visit ridiculous lengths to get their arms on it. yet first, Simon Heap needs to get his grasp to the Port Witch Coven's door, that may require a piece extra Darke Magyk--and a miles greater stomach--than he bargained for. Is Simon as much as the task?

Meanwhile, awesome Wizard Marcia Overstrand has taken her younger Apprentice, Septimus Heap, on a box journey to the Port. yet what Marcia had was hoping will be a enjoyable but academic time out speedy turns chaotic, for it slipped Marcia's brain that this night is Hallowseeth--the excellent evening for Darke mischief to head overlooked one of the revelers.

With Angie Sage's attribute humor, cherished characters, and Magykal environment, Septimus Heap: The Darke Toad is a must-read for each Septimus fan.

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Hello, Wizard and witch struggle! ” somebody yelled. the decision used to be quick taken up: “Wizard and witch! struggle! struggle! struggle! Wizard and witch! struggle! struggle! struggle! ” “Quiet! ” Linda yelled—and such used to be her crowd keep an eye on that she obtained it instantly. “Gribble first—then struggle! Yeah? ” “Yeah! ” yelled the group. “Gribble first! Then struggle! ” Eyeing the suspiciously sparkling field of woodworms, Marcia waited till the noise had died away sufficient for her to be heard. Then she took a deep breath and yelled, “Port Witch Coven! I command you to forestall. Now! ” “Spoilsport! ” got here a shout from the group, and it used to be quick taken up right into a chant. “Spo-il-sport! Spo-il-sport! Spo-il-sport! ” Linda laughed and Marcia felt horribly uncomfortable. She had forgotten how a lot she had come to depend upon the honour humans instantly gave her as impressive Wizard. all of sudden she was once simply one other Hallowseeth reveler in a dodgy costume—and it was once a surprise. desirous to see what used to be taking place, humans started to push prior Marcia and Alice, who have been quick edged out of the distance round the witches. Marcia misplaced endurance. With assistance from a number of well-judged Pushes, she emerged into the clearing. In entrance of her sat the box—from which emanated a strong, crowd-fueled Magyk—now alive with writhing woodworms gleaming fabulous purple. Linda and the Witch mom have been staring into the contents, prepared them to do whatever quick. Veronica observed Marcia coming. “Pigs! ” she stated. “It’s the pigging amazing Wizard! ” “It’s just some fool in a red nightie, stupid,” snapped Linda. however the Witch mom knew Marcia from long ago. “No, it’s not,” she snapped. “Quick, Linda. Do it! ” Linda turned flustered. “It’s performed, you silly outdated trout,” she hissed. “We simply need to stay up for it to—” Marcia was once upon them. “Pig off! ” yelled Linda. Marcia hurled a Freeze Flash at them. It was once too overdue. Its power used to be diverted into the witches’ Magyk and it caused the spell. there has been a deafening increase that resonated all over the harborside. the group screamed in pleasure, Daphne’s field erupted in a blaze of sunshine and a flow of awesome purple stars whooshed into the sky. All eyes them as they rose up and up, after which with a faint pfut broke into myriad pinpoints of sunshine that rained lightly down and settled daintily onto the ships. A roar of appreciation got here from the group, by way of riotous applause. “Jolly good,” Linda stated to the Witch mom. “The rats could be leaping send quickly. Now, ladies, lose yourselves within the crowd prior to a person realizes what’s occurring. take note, i need a child sufficiently small to slot up the sewer pipe. It so wishes unblocking. Ha ha. ” “Stop correct there! ” acknowledged Marcia. “Oh stuff off,” Linda knotted up, and driven earlier Marcia. Marcia swung round and threw a protracted, low Trip-Up that went curling round Linda’s toes, sending the witch sprawling onto the rainy cobblestones. Linda burst out giggling. “Too overdue! ” she yelled. “Too pigging past due! ” A shriek from Alice Nettles took Marcia’s consciousness clear of the witches. “Oh my goodness,” gasped Marcia. The ships have been melting.

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