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By Marcia Layton Turner


From Atticus to Zuzu ...

With 10,000 extra names and 50 extra lists (200 total), this most up-to-date variation is the main entire advisor to naming newborns at the market-and the main enjoyable! With really expert lists-from global leaders to favourite characters from children's literature, biblical figures to Wiccan/ Gothic/Vampire names, Olympic medalists to Nobel Prize winners-plus alphabetized lists for every gender, this consultant makes the identify video game effortless, pleasing, and enlightening.

*Approximately four million infants born each year within the U.S.-and all of them want names!
*Contains 40,000 names-10,000 greater than The every little thing child Names ebook and 35,000 greater than child Names for Dummies
*Includes two hundred really expert lists-even the names that experience the simplest and worst nicknames-which upload to the joys of choosing the fitting identify

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Jagguar Jaideep (Hindi) mild of the universe. Jair (Spanish) God enlightens . Jairay, Jaire, Jairo, Jayrus Jairus (Hebrew) My mild; who diffuses gentle. Jakeem (Arabic) Uplifted. Jakeam, Jakim, Jakym Jalal (Hindi) respected. Jalaal, Jalil Jaleel (Arabic) Loftiness; glory. Jalal, Jaleell, Jaleil, Jalel Jalen (American) mixture of Ja and Len. Jailen, Jalaan, Jalen, Jalon, Jalone, Jalun, Jalynn Jamal (Arabic) good-looking. Jaimal, Jamael, Jamala, Jamarl Jamar (African American) good-looking. Jamaar, Jamaari, Jamaarie, Jamahrae, Jamair, Jamal, Jamalle, Jamara, Jamaras, Jamaraus, Jamarr, Jamarre, Jamarrea, Jamarree, Jamarri, Jamarvis, Jamaur, Jammar, Jarmar, Jarmarr, Jaumar, Jemaar, Jemar, Jimar Jamel (Arabic) type of Jamal. Jamell, Jamelle, Jamuel, Je-Mell, Jimell Jamen (Hebrew) different types of Jamin. Jaemon, Jamohn, Jamon, Jamoni James (Hebrew) Supplanter; replacement; purchaser saint of Spain. Diego, Giacomo, Hamish, Jaemes, Jaemie, Jaemy, Jaime, Jaimes, Jaimie, Jame, Jameson, Jamesy, Jamey, Jameyel, Jameze, Jami, Jamia, Jamiah, Jamian, Jamiee, Jamiesen, Jamieson, Jamison, Jamme, Jammey, Jammie, Jammy, Jamy, Jamye, Jamze, Jan, Jay, Jaymes, Jaymie, Jim, Jimbo, Jimmie, Jimmy, Santiago, Seamus, Shamus, Sheamus Jamond (American) mix of James and Raymond. Jaemond, Jaimund, Jamod, Jamonta Jamsheed (Persian) From Persia. Jamshaid, Jamshead, Jamshed Jan (Slavic) God is gracious. Jahn, Jana, Janae, Jann, Jano, Jenda, Jhan, Yan Janica (Hebrew) God is gracious. Janus (Latin) Passageway. Jannese, Jannus, Januario, Janusz Japesh (Sanskrit) Lord of reciters. Japhet (Hebrew) good-looking . Japeth, Japheth, Yaphet Jaquan (American) mix of Ja and Quan. Jacquin, Jaquain, Jaquan, Jaquyn Jarah (Hebrew) candy as honey. Jara, Jera, Jerah Jared (Hebrew) Descending . Ja’red, Jahred, Jaired, Jaraed, Jaredd, Jareid, Jarett, Jariet, Jarit, Jarrett, Jarrod, Jarrot, Jerred Jarek (Polish) Born in January. Januarius, Januisz, Jarec, Jareck, Jaric, Jarick, Jarik, Jarrek, Jarric, Jarrick, Jaryc, Jaryck, Jaryk Jarl (Scandinavian) Earl; nobleman. Jarlee, Jarleigh, Jarley, Jarli, Jarlie, Jarly Jarlath (Latin) up to speed. Jarlaf, Jarlen Jaron (Hebrew) he'll sing. J’ron, Jaaron, Jaeron, Jairon, Jarone, Jayron, Jayrone, Jayronn, Je Ronn Jarrell (English) robust spearman. Jaerel, Jaerell, Jaerill, Jaeryl, Jaeryll, Jairel, Jairell, Jarael, Jareil, Jarelle, Jariel, Jarrel, Jarryl, Jarryll, Jayryl, Jayryll, Jerall, Jerrell, Jharell Jarvis (Old German) actual spear. Jaravis, Jarv, Jarvaris, Jarvas, Jarvaska, Jarvey, Jarvez, Jarvise, Jarvius, Jarvorice, Jarvoris, Jarvous, Jarvus, Jarvyc, Jarvyce, Jarvys, Jarvyse, Jervey, Jervis Jasbeer (Indian) triumphant hero. Jase (Greek) Healer. Jason (Greek) Healer. Jaasan, Jaasen, Jaasin, Jaason, Jaasun, Jaasyn, Jaesan, Jaesen, Jaesin, Jaeson, Jaesun, Jaesyn, Jahsan, Jahsen, Jahson, Jasan, Jasaun, Jase, Jasin, Jasten, Jasun, Jasyn, Jayson Jasper (French) purple, brown, or yellow stone. Jaspar, Jazper, Jespar Javan (Hebrew) Deceiver; one that makes unhappiness. (Latin) Angel of Greece.

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