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By Graham Sharp Paul

It used to be insane, it was once suicidal, it was once wrong—

—and through God he used to be going to do it.

The Hammer Worlds have Helfort precisely the place they wish him.The ultimatum is brutal and detailed. except the Federated hero surrenders, the Hammer World's prisoner Anna Cheung—the purely girl Helfort has ever loved—will be passed over to a number of wicked soldiers to be violated, then completed by means of firing squad.

Helfort can obey, or he can do what the group proposes: sail his 3 frontline dreadnoughts into the Hammers' stronghold—Commitment Planet—, free up Anna and the remainder of the POWs held captive there, and proceed the struggle within the jaws of the enemy.

Helfort's choice? convey it on.

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Redwood’s medium-range protecting missiles and lasers all started the relentless, grinding means of hacking Hammer missiles out of the assault, the gap among the ships filling with the violent flares of exploding missile warheads and fusion energy crops. the space among missiles and goal narrowed, the salvo a stressed and chaotic cloud seeded with decoys meant to make sure that sufficient missiles survived to ruin Redwood. The dreadnought’s close-in defenses took over, a triple layer of lasers, short-range missiles, and chain weapons operating frantically to maintain the Hammer missile assault out. It used to be chaos, the duty of handling Redwood’s safety past the power of any human to appreciate, not to mention keep watch over. Michael braced himself, with no figuring out it pulling himself again and down into the security of his armored strive against house swimsuit whereas round him the send racketed with the noise of weapon structures unloading ordnance as quick as hydraulics allowed. A unmarried missile slipped previous Redwood’s defenses. Its fusion warhead exploded off the port bow in a blue-white ball of radiation that flayed the armor off the dreadnought by means of the meter, the ship’s synthetic gravity suffering to take in the brief surprise wave from the blast. Then it used to be over, an eerie calm settling over the wrestle details middle, damaged simply through Ferreira’s affirmation that Redwood had suffered no major harm within the Hammer assault. because the ship’s gravity box stabilized, Michael provided up a silent prayer of thank you that the dreadnoughts carried good enough armor to shrug off a proximity-fired fusion warhead, then a moment prayer for the truth that the Hammers were too just about hearth antimatter warheads at them. Dreadnoughts have been difficult, however the double-pulsed wall of gamma radiation published whilst topic annihilated an antimatter warhead’s payload of antihydrogen was once greater than strong sufficient to smash one if it exploded shut sufficient. He grew to become his awareness again to the Hammer activity crew. the 3 Hammer ships have been in hassle, the 2 dreadnoughts urgent domestic their assault with remorseless strength, their tremendous armor soaking up every little thing the Hammer ships threw at them. Already Vigilant had pulled out of the conflict, reeling again from crimson River’s exquisitely coordinated missile and rail-gun assault; spewing response mass from maneuvering thrusters and with major engines at emergency energy, the Hammer heavy cruiser attempted to get transparent earlier than the subsequent wave of Fed missiles and rail-gun slugs arrived to complete her off. in the back of Vigilant, Vindicator and advantage have been additionally in difficulty, their flank armor stripped away—in locations down to the titanium frames to reveal their internal strain hulls—by the fusion warheads suited to the Fed’s Merlin missiles, their bows smashed right into a shambolic mess of craters by way of a well-crafted rail-gun assault. Even now, missiles with traditional chemical explosive warheads plunged into the Hammer ships, focusing on the vulnerable spots within the ships’ armor that may enable lances of plasma deep into their guts, searching the fusion vegetation powering the ships’ major engines.

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