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By Robert B. Ray

Conversing concerning the type of filmmaking referred to now as vintage Hollywood, the most well-liked and influential cinema ever invented, Vincente Minnelli as soon as gave away its mystery: "I suppose photo that remains with you is made of 100 or extra hidden issues. they're issues that the viewers isn't aware of, yet that accumulate."

What are these hidden issues? do we invent a style that may let us to find them?

Robert Ray makes an attempt to respond to these questions by way of having a look heavily at 4 videos from the 1930-1945 interval whilst the yankee studio procedure reached the height of its fiscal and cultural strength: Grand lodge, The Philadelphia tale, The Maltese Falcon, and Meet Me in St. Louis. to prevent the predictable generalizations that experience plagued movie stories, Ray works with the flicks' details-Grand Hotel's room assignments or Meet Me in St. Louis's ketchup-which are taken care of as mysterious yet promising clues. by way of generating not less than one access for each letter of the alphabet, Ray demonstrates movie's info have a lot to inform us. The ABCs of vintage Hollywood is a film primer, a deceptively basic publication that spells out a desirable account of the main strong storytelling procedure ever designed.

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