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By Steven Olderr

The main finished such dictionary, Olderrs defines 6,115 phrases of not just common symbolism yet really good meanings, institutions, logos, attributes, allusions, in literature, artwork, faith, the Bible, mythology, psychology, folklore, flower language, astrology, numerology, alchemy, heraldry, and naturally different fields.

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George of Cappadocia; soldier in armor with pink pass on breastplate: St. Maurice • eastern characteristic of Bishamon • Mongolian blue metal armor: characteristic of Er Toshtuk, father of Genghis Khan • Norse white armor: characteristic of Heimdall • Tibetan gold chain mail: characteristic of Da palms (body) motion; task; safety; power; the placement often exhibits the job — providing, worshipping, inviting, and so on. • one raised arm taking an oath; bearing witness • raised hands invocation; self-defense; supplication; give up • a maiden’s palms upraised, sprouting branches Chastity personified • arm with the quantity 4 strength • arm at the back of the again submission to God’s will • Celtic king with lacking or artificial arm: Nuada • Greco-Roman maiden whose palms are sprouting myrrh branches, with nymphs status within sight preserving a toddler: start of Adonis; workforce of maidens, hands upraised, sprouting poplar branches: the Heliades; maiden’s palms upraised, sprouting branches: linked to Apollo • Fulani god with twelve hands: Kaydara • heraldic in armor: management; naked arm: • Hindu fourarmed eco-friendly guy: Yama; four-armed guy with elephant head: Ganesha; four-armed guy with 4 faces: Brahma; four-armed guy with fish backside: Matsya; four-armed guy with tortoise backside: Kurma; four-armed guy with boar’s head: Varaha; four-armed guy with noose: Varuna; four-armed guy with 4 or five faces and 3 eyes: Shiva; dancing guy with a number of palms: Shiva; lady with 4 fingers: Kali, Manasa, Sitala (may be pink) • jap lady with ten fingers: Benzaiten • Jewish furry palms: Jacob’s deception of Isaac • Sri Lankan 20 hands: characteristic of Ravana • see additionally triskelion hands (military) see guns Arnold, Benedict • American traitor arrow a non secular weapon; fertility; the masculine precept; semen; penetration; virility; energy; warfare rain; lightning; conflict; famine; disorder, in particular the plague; sunlight rays; the sunshine of divine strength; communique among heaven and earth; regret; persecution; characteristic of Sagittarius, warriors, hunters • arrow pointed up non secular aspiration; message to heaven • arrow pointed downward strength of the godhead; thunderbolt; sunshine; rain • flight of arrows loosed ascent to the celestial • arrow piercing a center love, specially romantic love • golden arrow kindles love • lead arrow drives love away • package deal of arrows thunderbolt; characteristic of harmony personified • flint arrowhead attraction opposed to evil; characteristic of fairies • Armenian triangular arrow: characteristic of Hayk • Christian martyrdom; the nails of the move; soreness; arrow piercing a stag safe via a guy: St. Giles of Provence; arrow piercing the hand: St. Giles of Provence; arrows piercing a nude guy: St. Sebastian; arrows held via a rudely dressed lady: St. Ursula; arrows piercing the breast or a middle: St. Augustine of Hippo; 3 arrows: characteristic of St. Edmund; arrow held by means of maiden with a millstone: of St. Christina • Egyptian crossed arrows: brand of Neith • Greco-Roman discomfort; affliction; Apollo’s arrows: solar rays in either the damaging and confident experience, additionally discomfort and sickness; middle pierced via an arrow: union; arrow in lady with grieving hunter: Cephalus and Procris respectively • heraldic readiness for conflict; arrow with go: affliction • Hindu swiftness; instinct; linked to 5-; characteristic of Shiva, Rudra, Karttikeya, Indra; guy struck within the eye by way of an arrow: the sensations aroused via the effect upon the senses in their item; five arrows of Kama: the senses • Islamic arson destroyer of evil and lack of know-how; the wrath and punishment of Allah inflicted on his enemies • Mithraic logo of Mithras • North American Indian sunlight ray; thunderbolt; safeguard; crossed arrows: friendship; damaged arrow: peace; arrowhead: alertness • Ural-Altaic poultry flight to heaven; transcendence of the earthly kingdom • see additionally archer; bow and arrows; bow (archery); bowstring; quiver (archery) arson regression, specially male Artemis/Diana • Greco-Roman the woods; nature; fertility; virginity; jealousy; the negative mom; moodiness; volatility; attached with childbirth, looking, the moon artemisia (plant) purgation • Amerindian the female, lunar, and nocturnal lifestyles rules • chinese language dignity; one of many 8 helpful issues • Greek sacred to Artemis Artemisia (wife of Mausolus) • Greek a widow’s devotion to her husband’s reminiscence artery channel of fact from the next nature to a reduce one Arthur, King • Celtic the soul’s look for fact, enlightenment, self-realization; archetype of the adventure of existence artist the externalization of internal feelings, recommendations, reasons arum soul; ardor; androgyny • flower language ardor; noticed arum: heat Asariel, Archangel linked to Neptune (planet), emerald, amethyst, -7-, -18, water, ash, elm, pine, willow, fish, dolphin, stag • tarot linked to Temperance asbestos linked to Mars (planet) ascending a rise in depth; a bring up in worth or worthy; the human being transcended and the next religious point being attained; transcendence; breaking via to a greater airplane of life; going from darkish ness to gentle, from earth to heaven; reintegration; regaining Paradise • see additionally descending Ascension Day • Christian victory; transcendence asceticism voluntary abandonment of worldly actions in education for renewed existence on the next religious aircraft ash tree adaptability; prudence; modesty; lamentation; grandeur; the Aristocracy; prudence; adaptability; flexibility; modesty; linked to Libra, the archangel Raphael • Baltic slow-wittedness • Celtic connection; give up; knowledge; linked to coral, Neptune (planet), February, March, the archangel Asariel • chinese language ash employees: mourning for a father • Greco-Roman balance; allure opposed to serpents; sacred to Zeus/Jupiter; linked to Meliae, the blood of the cas- • asphodel 21 tration of Uranus/Caelus that gave beginning to Erinyes/Furies; ash leaves in wine: antidote for poison • heraldic strength; sturdiness; rebirth; intelligence; resource of knowledge • Norse immortality; sovereignty; Yggdrasil; logo of Odin; resource of the first guy • Scottish ash sap: safeguard opposed to witches for kids • see additionally Yggdrasil asherah pole • Sumero-Semitic a symbolic tree linked to the female point of divinity; phallus; linked to Asherah, Astarte, Baal worship • see additionally pole ashes loss of life; mourning; defeat; mortality; the perishable human physique; humility; penitence; failure; the decrease brain; dying of the physique; an finishing that also is a starting; the shortness of lifestyles; worthlessness; purification • consuming ashes utter distress • ashes and dirt mourning; penitence; deep humiliation • sackcloth and ashes sorrow; abject humiliation; mourning, penitence, affliction • ash lots barren region • chinese language yang; damp ashes: dying omen; dry ashes: the cessation of psychological job in the course of meditation • Hindu renunciation of worldly vanities • Mayan the cyclic go back of existence ashlar fabric to be labored to achieve perfection via artistic task sorrow • tough ashlar unregenerate guy • finished ashlar perfected guy; religious accomplishment • see additionally stone ash-leaved trumpet flower see trumpet flower Asmodeus • Jewish lechery; revenge asp suicide, specially Cleopatra’s suicide • Christian evil; venom • Egyptian the sun; royalty; dominion; strength; divine goodness and immortality; white crown with asps, horns, and plumes: characteristic of Thoth • Greek safeguard; benevolence • see additionally serpent, uraeus aspalathus the knowledge of the Lord asparagus sexuality; aphrodisiac aspen worry; uncertainty; over the top sensitivity; trembling; horror; worry; lament; satisfaction; logo of Judas; the wooden of the go; linked to the archangel Raphael • Celtic transformation; victory; imaginative and prescient • flower language lamentation • heraldic aspen leaves: choice; overcoming fears and doubts asperges • Christian expulsion of evil; purity; purification; holiness; asperges with water pot: characteristic of St.

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