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Corvus, a lopsided sq. of 3rd-magnitude stars, is with reference to Spica in Virgo (see here). Crater is close by, south of Leo. It has one 3rd-magnitude big name. South of Corvus is the Southern pass. GEMINI, THE TWINS are usually thought of wintry weather stars, notwithstanding they're nonetheless excessive within the western sky on the first indicators of spring. the brilliant stars Castor (2nd importance, white) and Pollux (1st importance, yellow), mark the Twins’ heads. they're a scant five levels aside, making solid measuring issues. Castor is a triple superstar, and every of its 3 elements is a double megastar (six in all! ). the ground stars within the colossal Dipper’s bowl element towards Castor. A line via Rigel and Betelgeuse in Orion issues to Pollux. The cluster M35 in Gemini is worthy finding with glasses. LEO, THE LION is the simplest identified and such a lot conspicuous of the Zodiac constellations right here. The Sickle, or backwards query mark, which in actual fact types the Lion’s head, is located by way of following a line in the course of the again stars of the Dipper’s bowl southward. Regulus, a blue-white 1st-magnitude celebrity, 86 light-years away, marks the bottom of the Sickle. The tips of the massive Dipper element in a single course to the North celebrity; within the different path, to the triangle that makes up the rear of Leo. The Leonid meteors radiate from this a part of the sky in mid-November. BOÖTES, THE HERDSMAN is located by means of following the curve of the deal with of the massive Dipper 30 levels to vivid, orange Arcturus, an incredible big name 36 light-years away. the opposite stars in Boötes are of third and 4th significance. such a lot of them shape a kite-shaped determine extending with reference to the Dipper’s deal with. Boötes is chasing the Bears with a couple of searching canine, which make a small constellation among Arcturus and the Dipper’s bowl. East of Boötes is the semicircular arc of stars forming Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown. VIRGO, THE VIRGIN starts as a Y-shaped line of stars of third and 4th value extending towards Denebola, tail famous person of Leo. Spica ends this crew; it's a blue-white, lst-magnitude superstar 230 light-years away. the remainder of Virgo is a line of 3 stars extending on from Spica, and a parallel line of 3 stars to the north. In Virgo is a cluster of numerous hundred galaxies approximately 14 million light-years away. a number of the brighter spiral nebulae will be visible with a small telescope. stick to the curve of the Dipper’s deal with via Arcturus to Spica. CONSTELLATIONS OF summer time As Leo sinks into the west, a couple of new constellations and shiny stars stream up within the east. summer time is okay for looking at them. the elements may be favorable and you'll have extra relaxation. The summer time sky isn't really so marvelous because the early spring sky. you're not more likely to see greater than six 1st-magnitude stars. despite the fact that, there are constellations aplenty, and the Milky manner is so much notable in summer time. Boötes, the Herdsman, a overdue spring constellation, is noticeable many of the summer season, and Arcturus, came across through following the curve of the Dipper’s deal with, is an efficient position to begin exploring the summer season sky.

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