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Mageworlds ebook Two:

Blockaded, limited, and forgotten--the Mageworlds could by no means threaten the Republic again.

A damaged and drifting send, it truly is long-dead captain nonetheless strapped within the command seat: that is what free-spacers name a starpilot's grave. whilst this sort of derelict craft appears to be like within the web, the substitute barrier region setting apart the Republic from the Mageworlds, the invention isn't any twist of fate. it is a signal, a caution that the Mageworlds haven't forgotten the Republic--and the Magelords make lengthy plans.

But the Magelords were not making plans on Beka Rosselin-Metadi.

Beka has unfinished enterprise to maintain, and his identify is Ebenra D'Caer: the guy who prepared her mother's homicide. D'Caer is safe--he thinks--hidden one of the Mages at the a long way facet of the internet. Flying less than a fake identify and fake colours, Beka penetrates the Magezone and reveals greater than a person anticipated: the Magelords have found a deadly weak spot within the Republic's defenses, and are poised to wreak their vengeance at the hated enemy.

The Mages are too robust. they have to prevail.

Unless one girl in a single send can do the impossible.

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We should always hit the internal internet and get pulled out of hyper in approximately ten mins. ” She persisted on via to the cockpit and strapped into the pilot’s chair. A second later Jessan seemed. He slid into the copilot’s seat and wear the earphone hyperlink to the communications panel. “Anything new this time? ” he requested after they’d complete operating throughout the list for dropout. Beka shook her head. “Not particularly. We look forward to them to hail us, after which we request an instantaneous hyperlink to the Commanding basic. They’ll most likely attempt to supply us the runaround as a substitute; have you ever received any code phrases you could whisper into their shell-like ears to get us via? ” “You don’t need to fear approximately that part,” acknowledged Jessan. “It’s lined. ” “Good,” Beka stated. “Then we’re prepared. ” She watched the chronometer. “Getting pulled out-now! ” The orange No leap mild at the panel got here up once the ’ Hammer’s hyperspace engines felt the bogus flux of the Net-generated via the matrix of web Stations in emulation of the ordinary fields that surrounded worlds like Pleyver. Beka pulled off the hyperdrive and set within the realspace engines. the celebs reappeared, yet no longer within the pristine silence of a typical drop from hyper. The keep watch over panel flared right into a blaze of crimson lighting fixtures, readouts scrolled up display screen displays, and the strident outcry of an alarm buzzer break up the air. “Damn-somebody’s radiating fireplace keep watch over in the market! ” Beka hit the change that introduced Warhammer’s shields as much as complete power. “Nyls, the place the hell are they? ” Jessan was once already busy on his facet of the panel, his arms enjoying the buttons and dials like a keyboard. “I can’t inform. anywhere they're, even though, they aren’t locking directly to us. ” “Then who-” Beka stopped. excessive within the viewscreen sooner than her, a globe of blue-white gentle flared into lifestyles, then pale to a lifeless pink and vanished. She swallowed. “That was once an explosion,” she acknowledged. “A colossal one. Nyls, do you think that this is often a few form of house strength keep fit exercise? ” “No,” Jessan stated. “If there’s an workout of a few type happening, it’s live-fire. I’m deciding upon up loads of stuff at the frequencies linked to power beams. ” “Bastards,” muttered Beka. “They’re now not speculated to be doing that kind of factor at the average leap lanes . . . Get at the hyperspace comm relays and pay attention in to what’s occurring. ” Jessan used to be frowning. “I’m already on them, Captain. ” He paused. “We have overall silence within the hyper bands. ” “How approximately crypto? Or the information hyperlinks? ” “Nothing. No transmissions. so far as i will be able to inform, hi-comms are thoroughly silent. ” “Damn. you think that our receiver’s long past down or whatever? ” “It was once operating superb after we left Eraasi,” Jessan acknowledged. “I’ll payment the lightspeed comms. ” The alarm buzzer shrieked back. “Lock on! ” Beka’s palms danced over the controls, placing on down vector and feeding strength to the dorsal and ventral strength weapons. “Active homers, heading this manner! ” The weapons didn’t reply. “Damn,” she acknowledged. “We’ve nonetheless acquired the seals up from that blasted customs inspection on our method in. ” She switched at the hyperlink to the typical room.

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