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The Seven lethal Sins have sliced up the dictionary and brought what is theirs. not anyone vice is just too grasping as each one quantity prides itself on having greater than 500 entries. notice fanatics will lust after those richly packaged volumes--and as soon as you've gotten accumulated all seven, you can be the envy of your entire friends.

Sloth: A Dictionary for the Lazy

The actual dictionary? Yawn. Too lengthy. do not hassle tirelessly operating via all these dull pages. the real stuff is rolled up here in a set excellent for the nightstand.

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Transparent the cloudiness of languor via leafing throughout the dictionary that defines the idlest of vices. A abeyance (uh-BEH-uhns) NOUN: Being in a nation of transitority state of no activity. The be aware is usually preceded via “in” or “into. ” abjure (ab-JUR) VERB: to prevent or abstain from; to recant or surrender, almost certainly lower than oath. abortive (ah-BAWR-tiv) ADJECTIVE: Failing to return to crowning glory. Her pre-emptively ABORTIVE nature left remnants of tasks in growth strewn concerning the residence. abstain (ab-STAYN) VERB: To chorus from doing whatever fascinating; frequently utilized in relation to alcohol intake or sexual intercourse. accumbent (uh-KUHM-buhnt) ADJECTIVE: In a reclined place; recumbent. acedia (uh-SEE-dee-uh) NOUN: A country of indifference, particularly relating to religious or non secular concerns. aimless (EYM-lis) ADJECTIVE: with out a transparent course; purposeless. aloof (uh-LOOF) ADJECTIVE: Disinterested or detached. amble (am-BUHL) VERB: to maneuver at a sluggish velocity; meander. The previous guy might AMBLE aimlessly among the sofa and the mattress once or twice an afternoon. apathetic (ap-uh-THET-ik) ADJECTIVE: Uncaring or bored stiff. aposiopesis (ap-uh-sy-uh-PEE-sis) NOUN: preventing speaking in the course of a sentence, both since you bodily can't or mentally do not need to; an unfinished idea. I don’t imagine necessity is the mummy of invention. Invention, in my view, arises without delay from idleness, probably additionally from laziness. to avoid wasting oneself hassle. —AGATHA CHRISTIE ardorless (AHR-der-lis) ADJECTIVE: with no heat or ardour; loss of enthusiasm. She used to be so ARDORLESS that her face remained chilly and bored, even if keeping her infant daughter. B bottom (BAK-syd) NOUN: Buttocks; rearend. backrest (BAK-rest) NOUN: A help or leisure for one’s again. bagatelle (bag-uh-tel) NOUN: something of little significance; a very simple activity. Her day is stuffed with many small and meaningless actions; each one BAGATELLE challenging little or no of her recognition. baked (BAY-kt) ADJECTIVE: Intoxicated to the purpose of lethargy. flinch (bawk) VERB: to forestall oneself from relocating ahead; to hesitate from reaching a target. Sloth and silence are a fool’s virtues. —BENJAMIN FRANKLIN barnacle (BAHR-nuh-kuhl) NOUN: whatever that attaches itself to whatever else in a dogged demeanour; a crustacean that gloms onto the ground of a ship. beachcomber (BEECH-koh-mer) NOUN: actually, somebody who combs the seashore searching for valuables that others can have left in the back of. beck (bek) NOUN: A sign or gesture to summon or direct anyone. mattress (bed) NOUN: a section of furnishings upon which one sleeps or rests. bedfast (BED-fast) ADJECTIVE: constrained to one’s mattress. bed room (BED-room) NOUN: A room meant for snoozing. boondoggle (BOON-dog-hul) NOUN: An task that's wasteful or unnecessary yet supplies the looks of getting price. while used as a verb, it might probably suggest to misinform or to have interaction in an job of little price. bootless (BOOT-lis) ADJECTIVE: Failing to accomplish outcome or virtue; fruitless.

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