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By Daniel Arenson

Weredragons, males name them. Monsters. Cursed ones. those who can become beastly reptiles.

In an historical global simply emerging from darkness, they're all over. a few wander the plains with clans of titanic hunters. Others are born in riverside huts. a few dwell around the ocean the place seafaring tribes are studying the secrets and techniques of bronze and writing in clay. far and wide their curse is the same--people who can develop wings, breathe fireplace, and take flight as dragons.

And in every single place, they're hunted. They conceal in forests and caves, dispersed. Many are by myself, unaware that others exist. they're kept away from, afraid, loss of life . . . till a gaggle of those misplaced souls binds jointly and stands tall.

A blacksmith in an international of stone instruments. A significant hunter exiled from her tribe. A touring juggler and a wandering warrior. An aged druid and an outcast prince. they're weredragons. they're cursed and hunted. jointly they'll forge a brand new tribe, a house for his or her style. A sunrise of dragons rises. The state of Requiem is born.

In 2011, Blood of Requiem introduced readers to legendary Requiem, a land the place humans can turn into dragons. The publication and its sequels went directly to promote over 250,000 copies, pleasing readers round the world. Requiem's Song returns to Requiem with a brand new tale--for either new readers and previous fans--of wings, claws, and dragonfire.

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You'll lead us. do not depart. now's now not it slow. " "I fly now to the celebs, my son. " Eranor's eyes narrowed to mere slits. "Tanin. Maev. Come nearer. Be with me. " all of them crowded round him, conserving directly to the previous guy, tears of their eyes. Eranor gave a final smile. "I fly now to the Draco constellation. I fly to these we misplaced. I—" His eyes closed. His breath died. Jeid decreased his head, pulled his father to his chest, and held him shut for a very long time. The final leaves of autumn scuttled around the hills, and the 1st snow started to fall, while Jeid buried his father. Wind fluttered his fur cloak as he stood above the grave. a 3rd boulder rose right here, a 3rd tombstone lined in moss. by means of it lay the 2 different graves—the younger Vir Requis who had misplaced his leg, a stranger and but one in all their relations, and an older grave overrun with ivy, the grave of his daughter. Of Requiem. "I do not know what number extra will die for our tribe," Jeid stated, throat tight. He clenched his fists at his facets. "But i'll struggle on. " He checked out the others who stood round him, faces faded, eyes chilly. His humans. His tribe. those he enjoyed. Maev had refused a cloak of fur. She stood in an easy tunic, her hands naked, exhibiting her coiling dragon tattoos. Snow frosted her golden hair. No tears crammed her eyes, and as regularly, her backside lip used to be thrust out in defiance. As regularly, bruises and scratches coated her. but Jeid knew that underneath that stony external lay ache, love, and desire. The younger lady stared down on the grave, chin raised, a good of tears hiding in the back of stone partitions. Tanin stood at her part, his eyes crimson, snow filling his surprise of brown hair. The tall younger guy wrapped his fur cloak extra tightly round himself. His lips whispered silent prayers or maybe goodbyes. The juggler grew to become warrior—now a guy grieving. I by no means sought after this lifestyles for you, my childrens, Jeid notion. i wished you to develop up in defense, a real roof over your heads, a existence with no worry, with out ache. might be this present day he grieved for his children—for their lifetime of exile and bloodshed—as a lot as for his fallen father. the hot individuals of his tribe stood the following too. Sena—slender, his cheeks soft—stood wrapped in a cloak, light with frost. He stared down on the grave, silent, considerate. Laira stood at his part, retaining his hand. You too are my relatives now, Jeid idea, taking a look upon them. i'm going to struggle for all of you. He knelt and positioned a unmarried birch leaf upon the grave, securing it with a stone. His father had regularly enjoyed birches, and it was once the single reward Jeid needed to supply. The others undefined, one after the other, putting down their very own leaves and stones. Snow dusted the presents. Jeid straightened and checked out his new humans. younger. Afraid. trying to him for information. He spoke softly because the snow fell. "Thus, with leaf and stone, we are saying see you later. " The others stared at him, eyes huge, lips tight. "Thus, with blood and hearth, we defended our domestic. We fled a village, a tribe, a southern country. around the globe they hunt us—the humans they name diseased, the cursed ones they name weredragons.

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