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By Mike Freeman

REDEMPTION PROTOCOL is a troublesome hitting house opera/ scifi event. it's the FIRST ebook within the touch sequence. Please obtain the taster a good way to pattern the style.

John Havoc used to be betrayed into murdering over 300 thousand individuals with a organic weapon. the single factor left in his hollowed out international is retribution.

Havoc is drawn right into a best mystery touch project – humanity's first – after a unprecedented power resource is detected on the restrict of on hand area. whereas the group of the AV Intrepid fight with saboteurs and adverse ships, they fail to achieve that the alien global holds hazards that threaten way over their send. Imprisoned on Plash is a weapon of unbelievable horror – a species eliminator.

‘A lightning paced, hard-hitting, motion packed, sci-fi thriller.’ A. BOWEN

‘Intricate plotting and characters, and an excellent finishing that i discovered to be relatively inspiring. I enjoyed it, and punctiliously suggest it!’ GK

‘Epic no-holds-barred sci-fi mystery, hugely recommended!’ T. BENJAMIN

Rated [R]. Violence, intercourse, profanity.

US English. 166,500 words.

About the writer. to offer his tales a practical part, Mike has been bitten by way of a snake, suffered frost chew, had his wayward yacht sink lower than him in the course of a strength 9 gale, held a NATO best mystery safety category and been serially utilized by a string of lovely ladies. he's terrified of horses and lives in a sprawling city, the place there are none.

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Octanitrocubane, the top product, had a few severe attributes. It used to be sturdy and surprise insensitive. It had the top density of any hydrocarbon and its dice formed molecular constitution put its carbon bonds less than nice pressure, supplying much more power power than its excessive molecular weight may recommend. Its homes made it, effortlessly, the main robust chemical explosive in life. Condensing and flowing round the carrier’s physique was once adequate uncooked fabric to shape fifteen hundred grams of octanitrocubane – adequate to snap the Intrepid’s spindle like a toothpick. The instruction of the Eaton Mess may take round 4 hours to accomplish. the method put a delicate pressure at the carrier’s physique because it drew off fluids and generated warmth. as soon as it comprehensive, the provider will be a jogging, speaking, radio-controlled biobomb. eleven. Havoc stepped out of the flexipipe, which used to be like strolling on a blancmange, and gone through the lock. He was once used to utilitarian send interiors, so the healthy out of the most assembly hab (the ‘Hub Hab’) used to be a real surprise to him. The spacious inside resembled a move among an specific latte bar and an government briefing room. The a ways wall used to be ruled by way of an enormous engraving of a muscular younger guy in a loin fabric, clutching a leather-based strap in a single hand and hauling on a bridle with the opposite. Above him, donning the bridle and none too chuffed approximately it, reared a muscular black stallion, mane flying, mouth foaming and large hooves swiping on the air. there have been different work and, in a single nook, a marble bust of a man’s head with a part of his nostril damaged off. so much extraordinary of all, although, was once the 3 tiered crystal chandelier decorating the guts of the ceiling. Given the penchant of squaddies during the a long time to free up souvenirs on their trips to far-off lands – which left unchecked ended in a vessel incapable of touring domestic – army ships tended to have a mass officer. Havoc had met multiple mass officer who, having entered this luxury room, will be clutching the air, mid-coronary, at once. “Woe for a lifestyles lived with no paintings? ” Havoc grew to become to the 2 males status beside a row of undertaking holos – a de rigueur accent in any briefing room. the fellow talking had impressive blue eyes and blond hair that curved throughout his brow in a shallow sine wave. He caught out his hand as he spoke in an aesthetic, aristocratic voice. “Touvenay. Communications of the linguistic type, archaeology, planets. happy to make your acquaintance. ” They shook arms. “Havoc. John Havoc. ” “I’m no longer intended to be here,” Touvenay acknowledged. Havoc checked out him quizzically. Touvenay wrinkled his nostril. “I used to be introduced below fake pretenses. They informed me i used to be going to examine relics. ” “They lied to us all. ” Havoc became to the second one guy, who used to be rugged and older taking a look. He had silver-white hair and a brief hairy beard. Deep traces scored his face, converging on his forehead from a number of issues above and lower than. “Jed Fournier. Walnut farmer. ” Havoc laughed.

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