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By Marguerite Johnson

The Medicamina Faciei Femineae is a didactic elegy that showcases an early instance of Ovid's trademark mixture of poetic guideline and trivial subject material. Exploring woman attractiveness and cosmeceuticals, with specific emphasis at the inspiration of cultus, the poem provides 5 useful recipes for remedies for Roman girls. protecting either didactic parody and pharmacological fact, this deceptively complicated poem possesses wit and vivacity and gives an enormous perception into Roman social mores and day by day actions.

The first complete learn in English dedicated to this little-researched yet multi-faceted poem, Ovid on Cosmetics contains an advent that situates the poem inside its literary history of didactic and elegiac poetry, its position in Ovid's oeuvre and its relevance to social values, own aesthetics and attitudes to lady attractiveness in Roman society. The Latin textual content is gifted on parallel pages along a brand new translation, and all Latin phrases and words are translated for the non-specialist reader. precise remark notes elucidate the textual content and person words nonetheless extra.

Ovid on Cosmetics provides and explicates this witty, subversive but major poem. Its realization to the technicalities of cosmeceuticals and cosmetics, together with precise analyses of person components and the consequences of particular lotions and make-up, make this paintings an important contribution to the wonder in antiquity.

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