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By Jeffrey A. Carver

While John Bandicut units out around the floor of Triton, he is rarely prepared for the typhoon of chaos that is approximately to blow via his lifestyles. The alien quarx that quickly inhabits his brain is humanity's first touch with an alien lifestyles. The quarx, a part of an historical galactic civilization that manipulates chaos concept to foretell catastrophic occasions, seeks to avoid a cometary collision that may ruin the Earth. however it should have aid. If Bandicut chooses to belief the quarx, he needs to holiday the entire rules--indeed, sacrifice his existence as he is familiar with it--to hinder humanity's maximum cataclysm. Leaving associates and lover in the back of, hurtling around the sun process in a stolen spaceship, Bandicut can simply pray that his activities will store the Earth--even if he does not reside to work out it back. From the Nebula-nominated writer of Eternity's End.

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The scanning was once a mottled brown blur, the dust of one thousand billion frames of images swirled jointly in a river of video historical past. /// I didn’t imagine so. /// /He beloved westerns,/ Bandicut famous. /// Westerns? ok, let’s fee. /// The river jumped and billowed, and for an fast, Bandicut notion he observed spinning pictures of cowboys using and taking pictures and loss of life and rescuing, after which it closed jointly back— /Well, i assume that didn’t—/ —and opened back to bare a cowboy on horseback, observing at a sundown from a few unnamed mountain ridge. The cowboy became, grinned toothily, and the perspective shifted to closeup, and at midnight scholars of the cowboy’s eyes Bandicut observed the exploding fireplace of a quarx in its local truth. And his center skipped, simply because he felt the 1st Charlie’s presence in these fiery eyes. /Hi, pardner,/ murmured the cowboy, in visible reputation. /I proposal chances are you'll locate your technique to me. Let’s see if we will aid one another out a bit, we could? / /Uh—yeah—/ /I’m guessing that you've a brand new quarx-manifestation, and also you want details. good, that’s what I’m the following for—to assist you fill within the blanks. Let’s opt for a bit experience, we could? Come alongside. / Bandicut felt himself using beside the cowboy/quarx—along the ridge, after which without notice pitching over the sting of a precipice right into a bottomless canyon, its partitions glittering with issues of knowledge. He was once falling into darkness, and coruscating fireplace . . . And voices begun murmuring someplace with regards to the guts of his brain . . . babbling with details and greetings from one quarx to a different . . . * /// You ok? /// /Huh? / He blinked within the cool twilight of the traditional datastream, seen from a top. He wasn’t particularly certain what had occurred, or how he had gotten the following from the place he’d simply been. /// We acquired it. /// He blinked back. /Got what? / /// i assume you actually blacked in the market. He left me the most important to the database, and advised me how he’d controlled the uplink. /// /Are you critical? / /// Why wouldn’t I be? Do you've gotten any objections if I arrange to make the uplink? /// /I wager no longer. / Charlie-One hadn’t even troubled to invite. Bandicut squinted on the fuzzy topography of the datanet. He used to be nonetheless attempting to get issues again into concentration; he couldn’t fairly work out the place he was once. /// allow me simply cost a couple of issues right here. /// The view went black; then he observed orbital projections, and photographs of spacecraft—moving in orbit, moored on the area station, and ready at the floor of the dim, icy moon. /// this is often Triton, isn’t it? /// /Yah, convinced. There’s Neptune within the heritage in that one. almost all these appear like video display pictures from the Triton orbital station, the place the interplanetary shuttles are available in. / /// Orbital station? What all have they got there? simply massive interplanetary shuttles? /// /Well, they've got a couple of scout craft, to boot. large ones and childrens. / /// Hm. I see. /// Bandicut felt attracted to the pictures. Space—that used to be the place he was once speculated to be. He puzzled if the quarx can make it attainable for him to come sometime.

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