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By Joe Ammirati, Steve Trudell

The Pacific Northwest is among the top areas to discover mushrooms — they're either considerable and spectacularly various. but in the past, there was no mushroom advisor that specializes in the region.

This compact, superbly illustrated consultant offers descriptions and pictures of 460 of the region's such a lot conspicuous, detailed, and ecologically very important mushrooms. The geographic variety coated via the booklet contains Oregon, Washington, southern British Columbia, Idaho, and westernmost Montana, with an emphasis at the center of mushroom nation: the low- to mid-elevation woodland habitats of western Oregon and Washington. as well as profiles on person species, Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest additionally encompasses a basic dialogue and definition of fungi; info on the place to discover mushrooms and guidance on gathering them; an outline of fungus ecology; and a dialogue on mushroom poisoning and the way to prevent it.

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