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Fundamentals of anatomy for therapeutic massage. comprises full-color poster with distinct advisor to anatomy and key therapeutic massage strokes for each a part of the physique.

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Gracilis: gracilis, “slim, slim” lateral: positioned on, or extending towards, the surface. scapula: The protrusion of bone at the mid to higher again, sometimes called the shoulder blade. tensor fasciae latae: from tenere, “to stretch,” fasciae, “band,” and latae, “laid down” biceps femoris: biceps, “two-headed,” and femur, “thigh” semitendinosus: semi, “half,” and tendo, “tendon” Find Out extra • 157 semimembranosus: semi, “half,” and membrum, “limb” sartorius: from sarcio, “to patch” or “to fix” reduce Leg gastrocnemii: Greek gastroknémía, “calf [of the leg]” and Latin suffix soleus: solea, “sandal” tibialis posterior: tibia, actually “reed pipe,” and posterus, “coming after” tibialis anterior: tibia, actually “reed pipe,” and ante, “before” peroneii: peronei, actually “of the fibula” iliacus: ilia, variation of ilium, “groin” obturator externus: from obturare, “to block,” and externus, “outward” obturator internus: from obturare, “to block,” and internus, “within” pectineus: pectin, “comb” stronger gemellus: from large, “above,” and geminus, “twin” inferior gemellus: from inferus, “under,” and geminus, “twin” piriformis: from pirum, “pear”; accordingly “pearshaped” quadratus femoris: quadratus, “square, rectangular,” and femur, “thigh” flexor hallucis: from flectere, “to bend,” and hallex, “big toe” extensor hallucis: from extendere, “to stretch,” and hallex, “big toe” Hips gluteus medius: Greek gloutós, “rump,” with Latin suffix, and medialis, “middle” gluteus maximus: Greek gloutós, “rump,” with Latin suffix, and maximus, “largest” gluteus minimus: Greek gloutós, “rump,” with Latin suffix, and minimus, “smallest” iliopsoas: ilia, version of ilium, “groin,” and Greek psoa, “groin muscle” Torso transversus abdominis: transversus, “athwart,” and stomach, “belly” rectus abdominis: from rego, “straight, upright,” and stomach, “belly” obliquus internus: obliquus, “slanting,” and internus, “within” obliquus externus: obliquus, “slanting,” and externus, “outward” serratus anterior: from serra, “saw”; hence “saw-shaped,” and ante, “before” 158 • therapeutic massage ANATOMY discover extra (continued) again top Arm trapezius: Greek trapezion, actually “small desk” biceps brachii: biceps, “two-headed,” and brachium, “arm” rhomboid: Greek rhembesthai, “to spin” latissimus dorsi: latus, “wide,” and dorsum, “back” erector spinae: erectus, “straight,” and spina, “thorn” triceps brachii: triceps, “three-headed,” and brachium, “arm” brachialis: brachium, “arm” quadratus lumborum: quadratus, “square, rectangular,” and lumbus, “loin” decrease Arm Chest extensor carpi radialis: from extendere, “to bend,” Greek karpós, “wrist,” and radius, “spoke” pectoralis [major and minor]: pectus, “breast” coracobrachialis: Greek korakoeidés, “ravenlike,” and brachium, “arm” brachioradialis: brachium, “arm,” and radius, “spoke” flexor carpi radialis: from flectere, “to bend,” Greek karpós, “wrist,” and radius, “spoke” Shoulders extensor digitorum: from extendere, “to stretch,” and digitus, “finger, toe” deltoid [anterior, posterior, and medial]: Greek deltoeidés, “delta-shaped” flexor digitorum: from flectere, “to bend,” and digitus, “finger, toe” supraspinatus: supra, “above,” and spina, “thorn” infraspinatus: infra, “under,” and spina, “thorn” Neck subscapularis: sub, “below,” and scapulae, “shoulder [blades]” sternocleidomastoid: Greek stérnon, “chest,” Greek kleís, “key,” and Greek mastoeidés, “breastlike” teres [major and minor]: teres, “rounded” scalenes: Greek skalénós, “unequal” levator scapulae: from levare, “to raise,” and scapulae, “shoulder [blades]” splenius: Greek spléníon, “plaster, patch” Find Out extra • 159 assets Books Braun, Mary Beth and Stephanie J.

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