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Are you aware THAT Ja? far80, who can fly in Paradise, is my uncle? " They stated: "By Allâh, certain. " Hussain (a. s. ) then acknowledged: "I administer oath of Allâh to you. Did this sword, which i've got unsheathed and that is now in my hand, belong to the holy Prophet (s. a. w. s. )? " - Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hâshim Abu Ammârah, the chief of martyrs attained martyrdom in three A. H. He was once the uncle of the Holy Prophet (s. a. w. s. ) and a prime of the Quraish either throughout the pre- Islâmic time of lack of information and in addition within the days of Islâm. He migrated to Medina with the Holy Prophet (s. a. w. s. ), used to be current with him within the conflict of Badr and likewise in different wars, was once martyred in Uhad and used to be buried in Medina. [Târikhul Islâm 1/99; Sifatus Safwa 1/144 and Al-Elâm 2/278] eighty- Ja? a ways Ibn Abi Tâlib, Kunniyyat: Abu Abdullâh, Abul Masâkin, Sahâbi (companion of the Holy Prophet [s. a. w. s. ]), Hâshimi was once from the brave humans named Bani Hâshim. he's one of many first martyrs one of the seekers of Islâm. After Tâlib and Aquil, he used to be 3rd son of his father, and Ali (a. s. ) was once more youthful to him. Their mom used to be Fâtima binte Asad bin Hâshim. He used to be martyred within the conflict of Muta in which he had come down from his horse and fought. keeping the flag on his shoulder he remained within the entrance row of the Muslim military. while his correct hand used to be bring to an end he held the flag in his left hand. That hand was once additionally minimize; he held the flag opposed to his chest until eventually he used to be martyred. there have been approximately ninety accidents of arrows and spears on him. [Maqâtilut Tâlibiyyin 6/18; Al-Bidâya wan Nihâya 4/255; Tahzibut Tahzib 2/98; Usdul Ghâbah1/286 and Al-Isâbah 1/237] They stated: "Yes. " Hussain then stated: "I administer the oath of Allâh to you. is that this turban that is now on my head, the turban of the holy Prophet (s. a. w. s. )? " They responded: "By Allâh, convinced it truly is. " Hussain (a. s. ) then stated: "I administer oath of Allâh to you. are you aware that Ali (a. s. ) used to be the 1st guy who permitted Islâm, his wisdom was once deeper than that of everybody else, and his persistence and tolerance used to be better than that of a person else, and that he's the grasp of each Muslim guy and girl? " They answered: "By Allâh, convinced. " Hussain (a. s. ) then requested: "How do you permit your self to shed my blood while at the final Day, my father (a. s. ) often is the grasp of Kauthar Pool, who will force away humans from that Pool, as camels are hushed clear of water, and that the flag of compliment (Liwaul Hamd) could be within the fingers of my father at the Day of Judgment? " They answered: "We understand all of this, and but we can't depart you till you style dying in thirst. " while the ladies heard the speech of the Imâm they wept and wailed and lamented, slapped their faces and their voices arose. Imâm (a. s. ) despatched his brother Abbâs81 and his son Ali82 in the direction of them and acknowledged: "Make them quiet. via my lifestyles, how a lot wailing they'd have sooner or later! " - Abbâs bin Ali bin Abi Tâlib. His mom is Ummul Banin, daughter of Hizam bin Khâlid bin Râbia bin Wahid Amiri. he's the son of The narrator says: Umar Ibn Sa?

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