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By Peter F. Hamilton

Peter F. Hamilton’s beautifully imagined, cunningly plotted interstellar adventures are conceived on a staggeringly epic scale and packed with absolutely discovered human and alien characters as advanced as they're attractive. No mere global builder, Hamilton creates complete universes–and he does so with impossible to resist aptitude and intelligence. His past novel, the acclaimed Pandora’s megastar, brought the Intersolar Commonwealth, a star-spanning civilization of the twenty-fourth century. strong, peaceable, and assured, the Commonwealth dispatched a boat to enquire the secret of a disappearing superstar, merely to inadvertently unharness a predatory alien species that grew to become on its liberators, awesome not easy, quickly, and completely with out mercy.

The leading are the Commonwealth’s worst nightmare. Coexistence is most unlikely with the technologically complex extraterrestrial beings, who're genetically hardwired to exterminate all different kinds of existence. Twenty-three planets have already fallen to the invaders, with casualties within the enormous quantities of thousands. And nobody is familiar with whilst or the place the genocidal top will strike next.

Nor are the top the single risk. For greater than 100 years, a shadowy cult, the Guardians of Selfhood, has warned that an alien with mind-control skills most unlikely to observe or resist–the Starflyer–has secretly infiltrated the Commonwealth. Branded as terrorists, the Guardians and their chief, Bradley Johansson, were hunted via relentless investigator Paula Myo. yet now facts means that the Guardians have been correct all alongside, and that the Starflyer has put brokers in important posts through the Commonwealth–agents who're now sabotaging the warfare attempt. Is the Starflyer an best friend of the best, or has it orchestrated a struggle to the demise among the 2 species for its personal advantage?

Caught among lethal enemies, one a brutal invader remarkable from with no, the opposite a remorseless melanoma killing from inside of, the fractious Commonwealth needs to unite as by no means before.

This might be humanity’s best hour–or its final gasp.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Lighting fixtures have been approaching overhead, revealing the small nulsense chamber. The simulation crew was once staring in at him via a curving window, all of them appeared beautiful annoyed. Morton gave them a what-can-you-do shrug. He was once status on the centre of a sparkly gyrowheel, a metre off the floor, his toes held thoroughly by way of plyplastic boots. They published his ft and he jumped down. there have been 4 different gyrowheels within the chamber, each one with a squad member exiting the simulation. He walked over to stand The Cat. heart-shaped face grinned down at him, white the teeth emphasised by way of brown dermis. Her visual appeal was once past due twenties. Seeing her for the 1st time, you’d suppose she used to be a first-lifer, her outwardly frivolous angle made it most unlikely to visualize her at the other age. whereas the remainder of the squad have been in commonplace dark-purple activities shirts and black trousers, she’d discovered herself a Sonic power Authority T-shirt and punk denims. He wasn’t yes how she controlled that, squads have been by no means issued with whatever except army outfits. possibly she simply went as much as civilian education employees and instructed them to offer her what they have been donning. Her raven hair were reduce brief, like any of them, other than she’d extra pink feather streaks tipped with silver. ‘That used to be extra like it,’ she stated brightly, and hopped down. at the floor she used to be ten centimetres shorter than Morton. ‘What the hell was once the purpose of that? ’ he requested. ‘We haven’t used the newborn nukes earlier than. We’re the following to aim out each attainable wrestle situation. correct? ’ She gave the simulation workforce a breezy wave. no one in the back of the glass truly dared scowl again, yet all of them regarded sullen. ‘They have been a true blast! ’ She laughed. Morton desired to provide her a slap. other than he didn’t dare. The Cat have been placed into suspension sooner than he’d been born, and wasn’t due out till a few thousand years after his personal sentence used to be comprehensive. He remembered the day she’d arrived at their barracks. No person had ever been given a four-strong escort prior to, and they’d all seemed fearful. ‘You can’t use nukes opposed to person squaddies, for fuck’s sake,’ he raged. ‘Are you intentionally attempting to balls this up for the remainder of us? simply because I’m not likely again to suspension simply because you fancy having a massive shaggy dog story. I’ll kick your warped little ass out of this education camp and into orbit prior to that occurs. ’ the remainder of the squad iced up, staring at closely. one of many simulation crew moved again from the glass. The Cat puckered her lips as much as blow Morton a fulsome kiss. ‘The project used to be already screwed, tricky man. If one alien understands we’re there, all of them do. you want to learn your intelligence briefings on that communal conversation of theirs. You weren’t going to get contained in the strength box. eliminating the remainder of them at the open air used to be the practical alternative. have in mind: Inflict as a lot harm as attainable. don't enable your self to be captured. ’ ‘It was once now not the best choice. lets have gotten out of that. Rob and that i have been engaged on it. ’ ‘Poor boy. So wanting to dangle directly to your physique.

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