Download E-books JavaScript and Node FUNdamentals: A Collection of CoffeeScript, Node.js, Backbone.js Essential Basics PDF

By Azat Mardan

A brief learn to comb up and refresh JavaScript and Node.js topics:

If it’s now not enjoyable, it’s no longer JavaScript.

With JavaScript and Node basics we will study the required origin for full-stack JavaScript net development:

  • JavaScript basics: The robust and Misunderstood Language of The Web
  • CoffeeScript basics: the higher JavaScript
  • Backbone.js basics: The Cornerstone of JavaScript MV* Frameworks
  • Node.js basics: JavaScript at the Server
  • Express.js basics: the preferred Node.js Framework


1 JavaScript basics: The robust and Misunderstood Language of The Web

1.1 Expressiveness

1.2 free Typing

1.3 item Literal Notation

1.4 Functions

1.5 Arrays

1.6 Prototypal Nature

1.7 Conventions

1.8 No Modules

1.9 Immediately-Invoked functionality Expressions (IIFEs)

1.10 key-phrase “this”

1.11 Pitfalls

1.12 additional Learning

2 CoffeeScript basics: the higher JavaScript

2.1 Semicolons, Whitespace and Parentheses

2.2 Vars

2.3 Conditions

2.4 Functions

2.5 Classes

2.6 Arrays and Slicing

2.7 Splats

2.8 Comprehensions

2.9 Conclusion

3 Backbone.js basics: The Cornerstone of JavaScript MV* Frameworks

3.1 average Backbone.js App Structure

3.2 establishing Backbone.js App from Scratch

3.3 Dependencies for the Backbone.js Project

3.4 operating with Backbone.js Collections

3.5 occasion Binding with Backbone.js and jQuery

3.6 Backbone.js perspectives and Subviews with Underscore.js

3.7 great basic spine Starter Kit

3.8 Conclusion

4 Node.js basics: JavaScript at the Server

4.1 Read-Eval-Print Loop (a.k.a. Console) in Node.js

4.2 Launching Node.js Scripts

4.3 Node.js approach Information

4.4 having access to international Scope in Node.js

4.5 Exporting and uploading Modules

4.6 Buffer is a Node.js tremendous information Type

4.7 __dirname vs. process.cwd

4.8 convenient Utilities in Node.js

4.9 analyzing and Writing from/to The dossier procedure in Node.js

4.10 Streaming facts in Node.js

4.11 fitting Node.js Modules with NPM

4.12 hi global Server with HTTP Node.js Module

4.13 Debugging Node.js Programs

4.14 Taming Callbacks in Node.js

4.15 advent to Node.js with Ryan Dahl

4.16 relocating ahead with Express.js

5 Express.js basics: the most well-liked Node.js Framework

5.1 Express.js Installation

5.2 Express.js Command-Line Interface

5.3 Routes in Express.js

5.4 Middleware because the spine of Express.js

5.5 Configuration of an Express.js App

5.6 Jade is Haml for Express.js/Node.js

5.7 end in regards to the Express.js Framework

5.8 Update

6 concerning the Author

6.1 Errata

6.2 touch Us

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Use(app. router); app. use(express. static(path. join(__dirname, 'public'))); 19 20 21 22 23 // improvement provided that ('development' == app. get('env')) { app. use(express. errorHandler()); } 24 25 26 app. get('/', routes. index); app. get('/users', person. list); 27 28 29 30 http. createServer(app). listen(app. get('port'), function(){ console. log('Express server listening on port ' + app. get('port')); }); five. three Routes in convey. js should you open the expressfun/app. js, you’ll see routes within the heart: 1 2 three four ... app. get('/', routes. index); app. get('/users', consumer. list); ... the 1st one is largely looks after the entire requests to the house web page, e. g. , http://localhost:3000/ and the latter of requests to /users, akin to http://localhost:3000/users. either one of the routes strategy URLs case insensitively and in a similar demeanour as with trailing slashes. show. js basics: the preferred Node. js Framework sixty nine The request handler itself (index. js as a consequence) is simple: every little thing from the HTTP request is in req and write effects to the reaction in res: 1 2 three exports. record = function(req, res){ res. send("respond with a resource"); }; five. four Middleware because the spine of exhibit. js each one line above the routes is a middleware: 1 2 three four five 6 app. use(express. favicon()); app. use(express. logger('dev')); app. use(express. bodyParser()); app. use(express. methodOverride()); app. use(app. router); app. use(express. static(path. join(__dirname, 'public'))); The middleware is a go via capabilities that upload anything worthy to the request because it travels alongside each one of them, for instance req. physique or req. cookie. For extra middleware writings try out Intro to specific. js: Parameters, errors dealing with and different Middleware². five. five Configuration of an exhibit. js App this is how we outline configuration in a regular exhibit. js app: 1 2 three app. set('port', strategy. env. PORT || 3000); app. set('views', __dirname + '/views'); app. set('view engine', 'jade'); a standard settings consists of a reputation (e. g. , perspectives) and a cost (e. g. , route to the folder the place out templates/views live). There are a couple of approach to outline a definite settings, e. g, app. let for boolean flags. five. 6 Jade is Haml for show. js/Node. js Jade template engine is comparable to Ruby on Rails’ Haml within the method it makes use of whitespace and indentation, e. g. , structure. jade: ²http://webapplog. com/intro-to-express-js-parameters-error-handling-and-other-middleware/ Express. js basics: the most well-liked Node. js Framework 1 2 three four five 6 7 70 doctype five html head name= identify link(rel='stylesheet', href='/stylesheets/style. css') physique block content material except that, it’s attainable to make use of full-blown JavaScript code inside Jade templates. five. 7 end concerning the show. js Framework As you’ve visible, it’s easy to create MVC net apps with exhibit. js. The framework is fantastic for leisure APIs to boot. for those who attracted to them, stopover at the educational: Node. js and MongoDB JSON leisure API server with Mongoskin and convey. js³ and Intro to precise. js: basic relaxation API app with Monk and MongoDB⁴.

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