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By R. L. Stine

Having discovered the best way to fly, Jack Johnson and Wilson Schlame are specified through scientists who're attempting to determine how they controlled it, and whereas Wilson enjoys the eye, Jack considers giving up his continual.

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Fingers grabbed at my sleeves. Grabbed at my cape. Grabbed. Grabbed frantically. Pulled me towards them. I struggled to stroll. to drag freed from the greedy fingers. The policemen attempted to carry the gang back—but humans surged ahead in a heavy wave. They broke in the course of the policemen’s barrier. Pressed opposed to me. began to weigh down me. i used to be drowning. Drowning in palms and legs and speaking faces. A wave of panic washed over me. I misplaced ma and pa within the sea of our bodies. the gang swept over me. Carried me with it. Jack! Jack! Jack! They shouted my identify persistently. “Mom! Dad! ” i attempted to cry out over the roar of the mob. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t breathe. I gasped for air. I—I’m unlikely to make it, i noticed. The crowd—it’s swallowing me. Swallowing me up… 29 Then I felt somebody seize me less than my shoulders. “This manner, Jack. ” policemen guided me up the platform steps. 4 different dark-uniformed officials surrounded me. whilst I reached the head, I took a deep breath—and gazed out on the humans. millions of people—stretching out for miles and miles. “Jack! ” anyone shoved a microphone in my face. “Jack! Over the following. ” one other microphone. Jack! Jack! Jack! thousands of microphones by surprise seemed prior to me. Cameras clicked. “Do you think that you could win? ” a reporter demanded. “I—” “When did you discover ways to fly? ” one other reporter. “Three months—” “What was once within the mystery recipe? ” one other reporter. every person asking questions—all immediately. Cameras clicking. JACK! JACK! JACK! every person calling to me. I broke right into a heavy, chilly sweat. I tugged on the collar of my silver dress. Choking, i assumed. It’s… choking me. The mob of individuals endured to name out my identify. And Wilson’s identify. i peeked over to the opposite part of the platform. There he used to be. Wilson—in his glittering superhero outfit. arms planted on his hips. Chest puffed out. giggling with the newspaper journalists. Smiling for the journal writers. Boasting to the television cameras. He LOVES this! i spotted. How may he? How might a person like this? “We are approximately to begin,” the announcer stated to me as he waved Wilson over. “This is it. ” Wilson clapped me at the again. “I’m particularly sorry, Jackie. ” “Sorry for what? ” I requested. “Sorry to need to beat you in entrance of 2 billion humans! ” he hooted. “Good success, Jackie. You’ll desire it. ” A striped-shirted referee requested us to shake fingers earlier than the race. I shook Wilson’s hand—and attempted to overwhelm his arms. yet Wilson simply grinned his terrible Wilson grin. “The race is set to start! ” The announcer’s voice boomed over the big loudspeaker. the gang have been roaring. yet now the roar light to a whisper of hushed voices. The referee lifted a starter’s pistol. I took a deep breath—and held it. I close my eyes—and waited to listen to the blast from the gun. BANG! 30 The gunshot echoed in my ears. I opened my eyes in time to observe Wilson take off. His cape swirled at the back of him as he lifted towards the sky. I raised my palms. I leaped into the air. And landed demanding on my ft. A stunned gasp rose up from the gang. I raised my fingers back. They trembled as I pointed them to the sky.

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