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By J. G. Heck

Based on J. G. Heck's Bilder Atlas zum Convenations Lexicon, released in German within the 19th century, the Iconographic Encyclopaedia of technology, Literature, and Art was once a enormous six-volume compilation of illustrations and data, masking a massive variety of matters, from structure to zoology. between its so much awesome good points have been the hundreds of thousands of outstanding metal engravings, comprising probably the most wide pictorial information ever released in one work.
The current e-book, considered one of 3 separate and self sufficient volumes according to the infrequent unique American variation of 1851, is dedicated to nature and technological know-how. Over a hundred and seventy superbly reproduced plates comprise hundreds of thousands of illustrations depicting a unprecedented array of matters: mathematical and geometrical difficulties; surveying tools, astronomical maps, and tools; planetary structures based on Ptolemy, the Egyptians, Copernicus, and others; positions of the planets; botanical illutrations of rankings of vegetation — together with seed pods, culmination, and different elements; actual and meteorological representation demonstrating many legislation and rules; quite a few forms of actual and chemical gear; animals, minerals, fossils, geological formations; human anatomy; and lots of different pictures. A descriptive desk of contents is keyed to numbered illustrations on each one plate.
Artists, illustrators, and somebody short of accurately rendered, royalty-free technological know-how or nature illustrations will welcome this virtually inexhaustible wealth of instantly usable art.

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24. Hirudo, leech Figs. 25. Aphrodite, sea mouse Figs. 26. Amphitrite Figs. 27. Anatifa, duck muscle Figs. 28. melanoma, crab Figs. 29. Squilla, shrimp Figs. 30. Talitrus, sea flea Figs. 31. Cyamus, whale louse Figs. 32. Oniscus, cheslip Figs. 33. Cyclops, water flea Figs. 34. Caligus, fish louse Figs. 35. Aranea, spider Figs. 36. Chelifer, Figs. 37. Scolopendra Figs. 38. Lepisma, e-book malicious program Figs. 39. Pediculus, louse Figs. forty. Pulex, flea Figs. forty-one. Carabus, floor beetle Figs. forty two. Forficula, earwig Figs. forty three. Cimex, bedbug Figs. forty four. Libellula, dragon fly Figs. forty five. Tenthredo, tailed wasp Figs. forty six. Vanessa, butterfly Figs. forty seven. Stomoxys, autumn fly Figs. forty eight. Petromyzon, lampereel Figs. forty nine. Squalus, shark Figs. 50. Raja, ray Figs. fifty one. Acipenser, sturgeon Figs. fifty two. Orthagoriscus, moon fish Figs. fifty three. Hippocampus, sea horse Figs. fifty four. Anguilla, eel Figs. fifty five. Pleuronectes, sole Fig. fifty six. Merlangus, whiting Figs. fifty seven. Cyprinus, chub Figs. fifty eight. Xiphias, swordfish Figs. fifty nine. Salamandra, salamander Figs. 60. Rana, frog Figs. sixty one. Vipera, viper Figs. sixty two. Boa, boa constrictor Figs. sixty three. Anguis, adder Figs. sixty four. Ophisaurus Figs. sixty five. Chirotes Figs. sixty six, sixty seven. Chalcides Figs. sixty eight. Bipes Figs. sixty nine. Anolis Figs. 70. Scincus Figs. seventy one. Tilicua Figs. seventy two. Chamaeleo, chameleon Figs. seventy three. Ptyodactylus Figs. seventy four. Basiliscus, basilisk Figs. seventy five. Iguana, guana Figs. seventy six. Draco, dragon Figs. seventy seven. Agama Figs. seventy eight. Stellio, stellion Figs. seventy nine. Lacerta, lizard Figs. eighty. Tejus Figs. eighty one. Crocodilus, crocodile Figs. eighty two. Plesiosaurus Figs. eighty three. Ichthyosaurus Figs. eighty four. Chelonia, sea tortoise Figs. eighty five. Testudo, land tortoise Figs. 86. Anas, duck Figs. 87. Sula, dodo Figs. 88. Pelecanus, pelican Figs. 89. Procellaria, petrel Figs. ninety. Podiceps, diver Figs. ninety one. Phœnicopterus, flamingo Figs. ninety two. Rallus, water rail Figs. ninety three. Scolopax, snipe Figs. ninety four. Ardea, heron Figs. ninety five. Grus, crane Figs. ninety six. Otis, bustard Figs. ninety seven. Struthio, ostrich Figs. ninety eight. Gallus, cock Figs. ninety nine. Crax, curassow Figs. a hundred. Columba, pigeon Figs. one zero one. Psittacus, parrot Figs. 102. Picus, woodpecker Figs. 103. Buceros, rhinoceros chicken Figs. 104. Merops, bee-eater Figs. one hundred and five. Sitta, nut-pecker Figs. 106. Alauda, lark Figs. 107. Cypselus, sea swallow Figs. 108. Pica, magpie Figs. 109. Otus, owl Figs. one hundred ten. Vultur, vulture Figs. 111. Milvus, kite Figs. 112. Balæna, whale Figs. 113. Cervus, deer Fig. 114. Bos, ox Figs. a hundred and fifteen. Camelus, camel Figs. 116. Equus, horse Figs. 117. Sus, hog Figs. 118. Elephas, elephant Figs. 119. Ornithorhynchus, duckbilled platypus Figs. one hundred twenty. Manis, pangolin Figs. 121. Bradypus, sloth Figs. 122. Lepus, rabbit Figs. 123. Sciurus, squirrel Figs. 124. Castor, beaver Figs. one hundred twenty five. Mus, mouse Figs. 126. Didelphys, kangaroo Figs. 127. Phoca, seal Figs. 128. Mustela, marten Figs. 129. Viverra, civet Figs. one hundred thirty. Felis, cat Figs. 131. Hyæna, hyena Figs. 132. Canis, puppy Figs. 133. Ursus, endure Figs. 134. Erinaceus, hedgehog Figs. one hundred thirty five. Vespertilio, bat Figs. 136. Pteropus, rousset Figs. 137. Lemur, maki Figs. 138. Hapale, ouistiti Figs. 139. Simia, monkey Figs. a hundred and forty. Homo, guy PLATE seventy five. Fig. 1. Monas lens Figs. 2. Proteus diffluens Figs. three. Bursaria vesiculosa Figs.

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