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By Matthew J. M. Coomber

The Fortress statement at the Bible: The outdated testomony and Apocrypha provides a balanced synthesis of present scholarship, permitting readers to interpret Scripture for a fancy and pluralistic world.

The members carry a wealthy variety of views to the duty of connecting stable ancient severe research of the Scripture with sensitivity to theological, cultural, and interpretive matters bobbing up in our come upon with the textual content. The participants symbolize a wide array of theological commitment—Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and others.

The introductory articles and part introductions within the quantity speak about the dramatic demanding situations that experience formed modern interpretation of the outdated testomony and Apocrypha. person publication articles supply an advent and observation on key experience devices which are explored in the course of the lenses of 3 severe questions:
The textual content in Its historical Context. What did the textual content most likely suggest in its unique old and cultural context?

The textual content within the Interpretive Tradition. How have centuries of analyzing and studying formed our realizing of the text?

The textual content in modern Discussion. What are the original demanding situations and interpretive questions the textual content addresses for readers and hearers today?

The result's a statement that's finished and worthy for preaching, instructing, and research.

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