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By Walter Knight

Colonel Joey R. Czerinski’s again ... like a foul penny. The Hero of the Legion and Butcher of recent Colorado is assigned to the Arthropodan Empire domestic international to protect the lavish usa Galactic Federation Embassy in Capital urban, whereas additionally performing as a secret agent for normal Lopez and the CIA. issues start off quite good, contemplating Czerinski’s recognition with the spiders. in the course of a Harlem Globetrotters exhibition video game, the standard activities having a bet ensues, regardless of staunch spider resistance to Americanized cultural illness. issues get out of hand while a spider insurrection erupts. Later, an outdated ‘friend’ stops through Czerinski’s workplace and creates mischief that burns down the embassy. instantly Czerinski blames the spiders. yet genuine trouble’s at the desk while a legionnaire and member of the scorpion-persecuted Mantidae disappears on the Scorpion Embassy correct prior to the Scorpion Ambassador invitations the USGF Ambassador and employees to an previous Earth ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving meal with all of the fixin’s – together with what they suppose is turkey. Later, Czerinski’s reassigned to a plum activity again on New Colorado, gazing a volcano. His former terrorist female friend and their youngster son appear. Like father, like son, Joey Junior proves to be a handful of disciplinary difficulties searching for a spot to ensue – simply in time for the approaching birthing of a brand new hybrid exoskeleton species. finally Czerinski discovers the spiders are tapping the volcano’s energy to boost a brand new know-how that may swap every little thing. With the standard beside the point aplomb, Czerinski and workforce take political incorrectness to a laughably absurd point during this fourteenth installment of the mind-damaging army house opera.

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