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By Wade Baskin

Assembled the following for the 1st time in a single quantity are the basic proof in regards to the cults, rites and rituals linked to polytheistic religions that experience existed from the Stone Age to the current. the purpose of the e-book is to create and shield a partial checklist of the pagan religions or cults that experience flourished because the sunrise of mankind and in their impression and impression in the course of the international. This checklist comprises some of the forgotten religions and their ideologies, practices, and mythologies.

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HALMASUIT In Hittite faith, a goddess representing the deified throne. HALOA In Greek faith, a competition that used to be held first and foremost of January. It used to be linked to the cult of Demeter. Sexual symbols have been displayed throughout the get together. HAMADEVA within the Hindu pantheon, the god of affection. HAMMEMET In Egyptian faith, heavenly beings, as soon as humans or no longer but created people. HAMMURABI The Babylonian political and army genius Hammurabi (1792-1750 B. C. ) is meant to have obtained his well-known code from the god Shamash. The Mesopotamian god of the sunlight is meant to have dictated the code to him, upon a mountain-top. HAMSA The common Intelligence as personified within the vizier of Hakim, the founding father of the mystic sect of the Druses of Mount Lebanon. HANSA In Hindu mythology, the white goose (or swan), the motor vehicle of the Asvins and, later, of Brahma. the magical poultry is comparable in occultism to the pelican of the Rosicrucians. HANUMAN The monkey god of the Ramayana, the son of Vayu, the wind god, and a she-demon. He helped Rama, the Avatar of Vishnu, to beat Ravana, who had kidnapped Rama’s spouse Situ, bringing in regards to the celebrated struggle defined within the Hindu epic poem. HAOMA In Mazdaism, a drink ready from the juice of the haoma plant with milk and sugar. It was once utilized in the rites of the cult, and symbolized the drink of immortality. HAPANTALIYA In Hittite faith, he was once a tutelary deity. HAPI In Egyptian faith, considered one of seven deities associated with funerary rites. one of many gods of the 4 cardinal issues, he watched over the lungs of the useless. HAPY The Nile was once personified and worshipped as Hapy. HAR In Norse mythology, one of many version names for Odin. It capability the striker. it's also written Haar. HARAKHTE Flying like a falcon around the heavens, the Egyptian sunlight deity used to be referred to as Harakhte, the ‘Horus of the Horizon. ’ With 3 different Horuses he shaped the 4 deities of the jap sky. within the morning he was once Khepera, a winged beetle emerging from the east. on the finish of his day-by-day direction he used to be Atum. HARES In Egyptian faith, hares are symbols of eternity. HARMACHIS In Egyptian faith, the god of the morning solar. the good Sphinx of Giza is linked to his worship. HARPIES Winged monsters of loathsome visual appeal who polluted every thing they touched. initially, they have been considered as personifications of devastating winds. In later Greek and Roman mythology, they have been assigned the function of snatching up the souls of the useless and executing divine vengeance. They have been names Aëllo, Ocypete, and Celaeno. HARPOCRATES The Greek identify of the Egyptian sunlight god, the offspring of Isis and Osiris. HARSHANA A Hindu god who presides over choices to the lifeless. HARUSPICES one of the Etruscans, they have been soothsayers who interpreted climatic conditions, the entrails, specially the liver, of sacrificed animals, the flight of birds, strange phenomena. the aim was once to find the desire of the gods concerning any proposed motion by means of humans. those Etruscan soothsayers have been afterward imported into Rome, the place they obtained strong impression.

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