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By Rob Shelsky

UFOs, historical extraterrestrial beings, Alien Abductions, “2012”—what does all of it suggest? Is any of it genuine? Are extraterrestrial beings our "friends"…or now not? "Darker facet Of The Moon “They” Are observing Us!" takes a completely new method of those questions. utilizing the robust precept of Occam’s Razor, a well known software utilized by scientists across the world, the authors observe this comparable way to the above issues. In so doing, they come at a few startling and worrying conclusions. What's extra, utilizing one in all NASA’s personal commissioned studies, they take all of it one step extra, selling a daunting notion, that we're being watched and more... this can be a diverse form of flying saucers e-book, one who makes use of scientists personal easy methods to turn out compelling issues. For readers, the conclusions might suggest they by no means really examine the area within the related means back. and likewise not like previous books, Darker aspect Of The Moon "They" Are gazing Us! is an in-depth examine how scientists and ufologists fluctuate of their methods to UFOs. The authors speak about what particularly constitutes facts, why do scientists insist upon a "preponderance of evidence” for UFOs and so on, yet now not for different topics? whilst scientists claim that "extraordinary claims require amazing evidence," simply what does that actually suggest? The authors solution those questions after which continue in a step by step, systematic technique to construct an enormous case for his or her theories. in terms of sighting UFOs, the authors have a few powerful suggestion! Out of warning, it will possibly simply be clever for us all to take it. when you have an curiosity in UFOs, extraterrestrial beings, alien abductions, historical extraterrestrial beings, or even what could ensue in December of 2012, then you definately may still learn this booklet.

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