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This fantastically illustrated concise advisor is jam-packed with details at the natural world that may be present in Britain and the close to Continent, together with mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, bugs, molluscs, and crustaceans. It covers round 2 hundred species, all of that are illustrated with magnificent full-colour artistic endeavors. A concise written account protecting dimension, description, voice, habitat, distribution and conduct seems at the comparable web page because the representation for every species. The easy-to-follow layouts and excellent works of art reduction speedy and exact id, and make this ebook a useful reference outside in addition to at home.

To guard it opposed to the weather, the publication is wrapped in a sturdy plastic pockets. additionally integrated is a fold-out insert illustrating ameliorations among related species, and aiding in speedy identification.
Renowned traditional historical past artists Sandra Doyle, Stuart Carter, David Daly and Lyn Wells painted the illustrations.

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Physique is black. whilst disturbed it offers off a robust scent just like that of garlic or onions, accordingly its universal identify. HABITAT present in leaf muddle in various habitats. Lurks below stones and in backyard compost lots. foodstuff AND behavior Feeds customarily at evening on fungi and rotting plants at the flooring, but in addition climbs partitions and timber on damp nights. nice Ram’s-horn Snail Planorbis corneus dimension and outline Shell diameter as much as 35mm; top 12mm. the form of the darkish brown shell offers this massive snail its universal identify. HABITAT Ponds, lakes and slow-flowing rivers. additionally present in backyard ponds since it is bought by way of aquarium buyers. local diversity is from Europe to important Asia. nutrients AND behavior Feeds on algae on stones and crops. Its eggs, that are laid on stones, might be unfold to different ponds each time they persist with the ft of birds. backyard Slug Arion hortensis dimension and outline size to 40mm. Bluish-black and paler on flanks, with an orange underside. Mucus is orange or yellow. HABITAT commonest on cultivated land, yet can be present in woods and gardens. happens all through Europe other than a ways north. meals AND conduct Eats any crops close to the floor, and is a significant pest of strawberries, lettuces and seedlings. related SPECIES Bourguignat’s Slug (A. fasciatus). To 40mm lengthy. physique gray with darkish patches. just like backyard Slug, yet with a white underside. present in gardens and woods. Feeds on fungi and decaying fabric. huge Black Slug Arion ater measurement and outline size to 150mm; might succeed in 200mm whilst prolonged. color levels from jet-black via orange, to creamy-white with an orange fringe. again is roofed with elongated tubercles. No keel. Sticky mucus. HABITAT Well-vegetated habitats all through Europe to Iceland. Darker varieties are commonest in north, paler ones in south. nutrition AND behavior Nocturnal feeder on dung, crops and carrion. Eats grass cuttings after rain. nice gray Slug Limax maximus size to 200mm. light gray slug seriously marked with darkish spots, showing striped on the finish of its physique. brief keel at the rear finish of the physique. Inhabits woods, hedges and gardens, particularly round compost tons, in a lot of Europe other than some distance north. Eats fungi and rotting plant fabric. Mating consists of members mountain climbing a fence, tree trunk or wall, then reducing themselves on a string of mucus. each one of those hermaphrodites then lays eggs. Shelled Slug Testacella haliotidea size to 120mm. Creamy-white or light yellow physique, with a small flat shell on the rear finish. darkish traces run forwards at angles alongside the edges of the physique. Lives in well-manured and well-drained soil in parks and gardens throughout western Europe. major nutrition is earthworms. it may expand its physique to develop into slender adequate to keep on with worms down their holes. Netted Slug Deroceras reticulatum size to 50mm. Small in measurement. mild brown or darkish gray with darker flecks and oblong tubercles that create a netted trend. brief keel on the rear. happens in gardens, hedges, arable fields and tough pasture. considered one of Europe’s commonest and such a lot frequent slugs.

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