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By James F. Kurose

&>Computer Networking maintains with an early emphasis on application-layer paradigms and alertness programming interfaces (the best layer), encouraging a hands-on adventure with protocols and networking thoughts, earlier than operating down the protocol stack to extra summary layers.

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Eleven structure 6. three. 2 The 802. eleven MAC Protocol 6. three. three The IEEE 802. eleven body 6. three. four Mobility within the similar IP Subnet 6. three. five complicated positive factors in 802. eleven 6. three. 6 own sector Networks: Bluetooth and Zigbee mobile net entry 6. four. 1 an outline of mobile community structure 6. four. 2 3G mobile information Networks: Extending the net to mobile Subscribers 6. four. three directly to 4G: LTE Mobility administration: rules 6. five. 1 Addressing 6. five. 2 Routing to a cellular Node cellular IP dealing with Mobility in mobile Networks 6. 7. 1 Routing Calls to a cellular consumer 6. 7. 2 Handoffs in GSM xxi 461 462 469 476 482 486 487 490 495 495 497 498 499 500 502 510 511 513 514 519 522 526 527 531 537 541 542 544 546 547 550 553 555 557 559 564 570 571 572 xxii desk of Contents 6. eight instant and Mobility: effect on Higher-Layer Protocols 6. nine precis Homework difficulties and Questions Wireshark Lab: IEEE 802. eleven (WiFi) Interview: Deborah Estrin bankruptcy 7 Multimedia Networking 7. 1 Multimedia Networking purposes 7. 1. 1 homes of Video 7. 1. 2 houses of Audio 7. 1. three forms of Multimedia community purposes 7. 2 Streaming kept Video 7. 2. 1 UDP Streaming 7. 2. 2 HTTP Streaming 7. 2. three Adaptive Streaming and sprint 7. 2. four content material Distribution Networks 7. 2. five Case reviews: Netflix, YouTube, and Kankan 7. three Voice-over-IP 7. three. 1 obstacles of the Best-Effort IP provider 7. three. 2 removal Jitter on the Receiver for Audio 7. three. three improving from Packet Loss 7. three. four Case research: VoIP with Skype 7. four Protocols for Real-Time Conversational functions 7. four. 1 RTP 7. four. 2 SIP 7. five community help for Multimedia 7. five. 1 Dimensioning Best-Effort Networks 7. five. 2 delivering a number of periods of carrier 7. five. three Diffserv 7. five. four Per-Connection Quality-of-Service (QoS) promises: source Reservation and get in touch with Admission 7. 6 precis Homework difficulties and Questions Programming task Interview: Henning Schulzrinne bankruptcy eight safeguard in machine Networks eight. 1 eight. 2 what's community safety? rules of Cryptography eight. 2. 1 Symmetric Key Cryptography eight. 2. 2 Public Key Encryption 575 578 578 583 584 587 588 588 590 591 593 595 596 six hundred 602 608 612 612 614 617 620 623 624 627 632 634 636 648 652 655 656 666 668 671 672 675 676 683 Table of Contents eight. three Message Integrity and electronic Signatures eight. three. 1 Cryptographic Hash capabilities eight. three. 2 Message Authentication Code eight. three. three electronic Signatures eight. four End-Point Authentication eight. four. 1 Authentication Protocol ap1. zero eight. four. 2 Authentication Protocol ap2. zero eight. four. three Authentication Protocol ap3. zero eight. four. four Authentication Protocol ap3. 1 eight. four. five Authentication Protocol ap4. zero eight. five Securing email eight. five. 1 safe email eight. five. 2 PGP eight. 6 Securing TCP Connections: SSL eight. 6. 1 the large photo eight. 6. 2 A extra entire photograph eight. 7 Network-Layer defense: IPsec and digital inner most Networks eight. 7. 1 IPsec and digital deepest Networks (VPNs) eight. 7. 2 The AH and ESP Protocols eight. 7. three defense institutions eight. 7. four The IPsec Datagram eight. 7. five IKE: Key administration in IPsec eight. eight Securing instant LANs eight. eight. 1 stressed an identical privateness (WEP) eight. eight. 2 IEEE 802. 11i eight.

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