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By Edward Emerson Barnard, Gerald Orin Dobek

Edward Emerson Barnard's Photographic Atlas of chosen areas of the Milky manner used to be initially released in volumes in 1927. jointly those volumes contained a wealth of data, together with photographic plates of the main attention-grabbing parts of the Milky approach, descriptive textual content, charts, and information. in simple terms seven-hundred copies have been revealed, making the unique variation a collector's merchandise. Reproduced in print for the 1st time, this version combines either volumes of Barnard's Atlas. It without delay replicates Barnard's textual content, and comprises excessive answer pictures of the unique photographic plates and charts, reordered on the way to be obvious jointly. it is also a biography of Barnard and his paintings, a Foreword and Addendum through Gerald Orin Dobek describing the significance of the Atlas and additions to this quantity, and a pull-out part with a mosaic of all 50 plates mixed in one landscape.

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29 7 . forty four eight. three eight. eight 6 . 31 6 . forty two 6 . 38 7 . 24 7 . 10 6 . sixty seven four . fifty nine eight. 2 eight. eight 7 . 17 2 . sixty eight 7. five three . ninety four 7 . fifty eight five . 14 7 . fifty three 7 . fifty four 6 . eighty two four. 1 eight. zero eight. three nine. 6 6. five 6. three 7. 6 eight. 1 7. 2 6 . ninety five five . fifty nine eight. eight nine. zero SPECTRUM F5 B1 A0 B2 A0 G0 G0 A0 F5 B3 G0 B9 G5 A0 B9 K0 B9 A F0 K0 K0 A0 feedback eight β Scorpii nine ω 1 Scorpii 10 ω2 Scorpii 14 ν Scorpii Nebulous Nebulous four ψ Ophiuchi darkish gadgets . , and B forty-one, α = 16h the 2 darkish gadgets of the Barnard record happening in this plate are B forty, α = 16h7m. four, δ = -18°6 . . 15m. zero, δ = -19°3 [111] CHART 12 zone OF NU SCORPII α = 16h7m30 s δ= 19°13 CHART AND PLATE thirteen sector OF the nice NEBULA OF RHO OPHIUCHI correct Ascension = 16h18 m five s, Declination = - 23°28 PLATE thirteen area OF the good NEBULA OF RHO OPHIUCHI α Galactic lengthy. = 321°, Lat. = +16° =16h 18m5 s, δ = -23°28 1905 April five. 917 publicity = 4h 30m Scale: 1 cm = 21 . 1, or 1 inch = fifty three . five The zone of Rho Ophiuchi is among the so much striking within the sky. The nebula itself is a gorgeous item. With its outlying connections and the darkish spot within which it's put and the vacant lanes operating to the east from it, it makes an image virtually unequaled in curiosity within the complete heavens. just like the in part imprecise nebula in Taurus proven in Plate five, which occupies an analogous darkish sector and likewise has darkish lanes hooked up with it, it provides each proof that it obscures the celebrities past it. it's transparent, from an inspection of the image, that the particular heritage of the sky the following involves a uniform distribution of faint stars. If a part of the image is roofed in order to cover the massive nebula and the darkish lanes, this truth turns into extra obvious. the realization is for this reason impossible to resist that there's no genuine emptiness at this element, yet that the nebula is among us and the history of stars and blots out the extra far-off ones. this is often strikingly proven with regards to the west part of the nebula the place, from the relatively abrupt western fringe of the intense half, a fainter element extends westward for roughly forty . anywhere this fainter nebulosity is noticeable (its limits are very certain) the historical past of the small stars disappears. The few particularly brilliant stars that stay are without doubt this aspect of the nebula. To the eastward there are far-reaching yet feeble strains of an extension of the nebula within which ensue darkish buildings. This fainter, subtle nebulosity extends past the boundaries of the plate. The darkish lanes to the east are amazing, specifically the very lengthy ones whose facets are so sharply outlined. the most lane starts approximately on the superstar 22 Scorpii (No. 272 of the checklist of stars), less than and to the left of the guts of the plate, and runs eastward, extending brokenly approximately to the sector of Theta Ophiuchi. The continuation of this impressive lane is strikingly proven in Plate 14. the main points of the nebula and its quite a few components are very awesome and outstanding. approximately Rho Ophiuchi (No. 267), that is within the jap of the 2 major condensations close to the guts of the plate, the nebulosity assumes a most excellent ribbed visual appeal.

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